5 thoughts on “Why my account got suspended on Twitter

  1. Roni

    My account was also suspended last Friday, and only returned today after a week. No warning, no email. I opened a ticket, got an automated response saying nothing really, replied and got not response. Don’t you just love Twitter?

  2. Jason O'Donnell

    One of my accounts was suspended but I didn’t bother following up on it as *technically* it would be seen as a spam account since all it did was send out links to content elsewhere. But it was a locked test account with only 2 followers and only following the same two; used only to ensure a particular RSS feed was functioning correctly as a trigger for me to act on a different account using the same feed.

  3. kbmsg

    Mine was also stopped briefly about 2-3 weeks ago, coincidence they hit IBM related ones? My guess was one of the services I may use, or set up to post things for me, went amok and they flagged the account. No explanation just a sorry and continue on.

  4. Stephen James

    I think if you haven’t been suspended at least once you’re not pushing twitter hard enough! Lets hope the spam filter is a work in progress and learns the difference between quality engagement and abuse.


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