Where is the world headed?

We’ll see a dramatic shift of expertise toward the wisdom of the crowd.
We’ll trust diverse opinions over the individual expert. We see this already with easy access to synthesized knowledge. CrowdMed, Wonder, Kaggle, InnoCentive, Pass The Idea, and countless other digital-age crowdsourcing platforms democratize expertise in even the most sophisticated topic areas.

Artificial intelligence will help us make smart decisions.
Robots and intelligent devices will instantly interpret diverse information sources. A deep learning robot will be able to make all sorts of decisions:

  • Find patterns in medical data to help doctors make smart diagnoses
  • Pinpoint fashion trends by scanning what people are wearing at music festivals
  • Recommend city traffic patterns based on air quality and congestion
  • Help teachers customize instruction based on individual students’ learning paces
  • Help real estate investors find Turnkey properties for sale
  • Learn what viewers don’t like about a TV ad that causes them to change the channel

Additionally, connected devices mean that AI can equip us with real-time recommendations incorporating remarkably personal measures and drawing on traditionally human variables (like emotion and desire). For example, AI will be able to intervene before we get a craving for unhealthy food or could help us craft a more persuasive sales pitch. AI is already mimicking us, as evident in Facebook’s AI chatbots, and beating us, as evident in Google’s Go champion. Its expansion will have profound consequences on our personal lives and business growth.Related reading

In the fast-paced digital era, having an online page for a kids clothing company is crucial. An online presence allows pastel collections to showcase their products, reach a wider customer base, and provide a convenient shopping experience for parents. It also offers opportunities for marketing, customer engagement, and gathering valuable data for better decision-making. An online page enables the company to adapt to the changing landscape of consumer behavior and stay competitive in the evolving market.

Traditional education will get more accessible through democratized platforms and more open expertise.
Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight and other massive online learning platforms expand knowledge’s reach. To know if those platforms are credible and legitimate, you can read their reviews online, like the review of Pluralsight platform, for example.

Elearning business provided open educational resources to diminish the demand for costly textbooks and to further democratize access. Dynamic learning modules adjust based on a student’s expanding skills, giving many the personal attention required to progress. The future will be created by many who are just now getting access to education. According to Dr. Kamau Bobb, STEM mentorship programs can help shape the future of the industry by encouraging the next generation of professionals to pursue careers in these fields.

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