Using Old Planning Methods To Produce Modern Website Success

Planning is essential for the efficient running of any business. From the moment you have your idea, you should turn to this stationary fuelled problem solver. In truth, proper planning is the only real path to success. There should be no such thing as leaving it to chance with your company. Instead, you need to know what’s happening, and when. You need to plan out profit margins, marketing campaigns, and much more.


When it comes to your company’s website, planning should be just as important as ever. Sure, these modern methods may not seem like they would need the old planning touch. But, don’t fix what isn’t broken. By turning to the planning methods you know and love, you can ensure your website runs as smooth as possible. To get you off on the right footing, we’re going to look at a few of the steps you should consider.

Highlight hosting companies

As with any plan, you need to start at the beginning. And, the first step to starting any website is to find a hosting company which serves your purpose. To make this job easier, you could head to another website for web hosting comparisons. This is a fantastic way to metaphorically highlight the best contenders, as it allows you to compare options side by side. Or, you could ask for recommendations from a friend. Instead of jumping in with the first host, jot down your choices, and try to whittle it down to the best one.



When attempting to distinguish the best from the worst, consider everything from pricing to cloud capabilities. If it helps, draw up a pro and con list. Let’s be honest; they’re the planning staple which so often saves the day!

Brainstorm domain names

Ahh, the good old brainstorming session. It’s how some of the best business decisions are reached. And, it still has a place in your modern methods. Your domain name is essential for your success. For the most part, you’ll pay a yearly fee for the use of said name. Plus, once you get established with one name, it would do real damage to change. So, you want to make sure you get this right before you go ahead. So, get out that whiteboard, and discuss ideas with your team. As above, write down all the options. Then, narrow them down through a process of elimination.



Sketch out your design

Many a fantastic idea has come out of the idle sketches drawn during a planning session. So, when it comes to your website design, this may be the best way to go. Have a little fun, and draw out a few different options. Seeing them in physical form will help you decide whether they’re workable ideas. To inspire yourself, visit a few competitor’s sites, and sketch features you like. Then, find ways to incorporate these methods into a style which is unique to your company. Once you’re finished, pin these sketches somewhere visible, and give yourself time to decide a favorite!

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