One lump or two? How many accounts should I have on twitter?

If I had a dollar for every time this question came up! In answer there is a simple rule, “you are you”, even if you are playing a business role there is no reason you can not be yourself. Unless of course you are mean and sucky and if you are, it is likely you will fail on Twitter anyway.

In a recent post from @lilachbullock about Instagram, Lilach spoke about professionalism at risk, I think she hit the nail on the head. Many sales people pride themselves on professionalism, which of course, is an important factor. But this is what she goes on to say:

“Taking a picture of your dinner may have been irrelevant to customers in the 20th century…..but hello! What century are we in? Whether it’s a meal, a picture of your kids birthday party or those pair of shoes you’ve wanted for literally years…share it! No one is going to think twice at the thought of you being allowed a life outside of business hours.  Putting a face to a business creates a notion of trustworthiness, and sharing your pride and joy, whether it’s your kids…or those new shoes helps to personalise your approach to business and just goes to show you’re a genuine human being.”

I have to agree, being able to resonate with people on a personal or emotional level, creating that level of trust where, with open arms, we  build that connection into or networks.

“The more you are seen sharing material, the more willing people will reciprocate. Adding to your showcase portfolio of pictures on a regular basis increases the likelihood of customer acquisition but also creates that ‘buzz’ that gets people talking.

How do you manage your personal and business life? Drop a comment below and say hello.