Sole Trader? You Need These Marketing Tips, Then!

If there is one thing that sole traders know all about, it’s micro managing their budgets. Starting out alone is not easy and as a sole trader, you are probably going to be hit with deadline after deadline as business begins to snowball. It’s for this reason you have to get smart about your marketing plan.

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Being on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to skimp on your marketing budget – you just have to be clever about where you put your money. A lot will depend on the nature of your business as to what you need, whether you require SEO for lawyers as part of setting up your own practice, or you need a website built for your company. You can bolster your marketing plan with a lot of thought and we’ve got five great ways you can do that for your plan next year!

  1. Content Marketing: Sole traders can do more for their business profile by simply investing a little money into content marketing. You can create exciting content that is also compelling if you are a sole accountant, especially around the time to renew taxes. If you are working as a criminal defense lawyer with your own practice, then you could write content that fits what you offer, which in this case is primarily about criminal cases. Customer engagement is so important and if you can do that while linking it back to your services, you’ll soar in your sole trader business.
  2. Company Website: It takes about five seconds for a company to make a good impression and as everything is moving online, your website should pop. By adding a few more bells and whistles to your website, you can impress future clients and customers at once. Some of the whistles you can offer include live chat services, review platforms and a video explaining who you are and what you do.
  3. Blog: Personality is important for a sole trader – you need to be able to stand out. Starting a company blog about the cases you have dealt with and changes in market trends for your industry can help clients to learn more about you as well as offer you serious credibility.
  4. PR Campaigns: You need to be able to handle your own PR if you are working by yourself, and by having a strong media release and time to put toward your media campaign, you can really make your company shine.
  5. Collaborate: It’s common knowledge that it is cheaper to keep your current customers and clients happy. Collaborating with other businesses similar to your own that offer unrelated services, is a great way to network and learn to nurture your clients in the way your competition does.

Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult for a sole trader, you just have to be willing to learn where you should be putting your money. There’s no reason for you to blow your whole business budget on huge campaigns, it’s about learning where you can be smart about your cash. Sole traders the world over are promoting their businesses effectively with these ideas!

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