My top ten excuses for not getting social? What’s Yours?

Lets be honest your social already, be it down the local pub, in the canteen or any where you meet new and existing people. So why are you finding it difficult to connect in the digital world?

Here are the top ten objections I come across most regularly:

– I’m of the age

– I don’t have the time

– None of my customer are there

– I don’t know what to say

– I’m not an expert

– People aren’t interested in what I have to say

– My boss does not do it so why should I?

– This wont generate business

– I’m scared of doing something wrong

– What is the benefit to me?


The age excuse is a cracker, not only do I hear “I am to old, the youngsters get it” but also “I am too young, I’ll follow my peers”. There fore this stand-of divide continues to be there. What ever end of the spectrum you are on, give it a go, learn from each other. Become better connected (at some point you’ll retire and take all your knowledge with you)

You don’t have time. We are all busy people. Where are you spending your time? In your inbox? Doing someone else’s to-do list? If I may be frank  – Your not prioritising it. Make time.

You will be surprised. Are they on LinkedIn and belong to some groups? If so they are listening to someone, just not you. Have they joined Twitter?

If you are unsure what to talk about, start researching and collecting news releases that reflect your business synergies. For example – RSS feeds from industry sites or news forums.

No expert? But you have an opinion and I would be delighted to hear it. Comment on a blog post or reply to a tweet.

No one cares. Well if I thought that you wouldn’t be reading this.

Your boss might not be, but he will when he realises your an ambassador to the company and he isn’t. Lead.

Engaging with your customers either existing or new , will build relationships, will add credible value, will build trust, will lead to business.

If you have company guidelines around the use of social media make sure you read them. Many will assist you in the do’s and do nots. Even so mistakes are made, just deal with them quickly and openly.

There will be a whole heap of benefits. Whether you want to increase your value or company value its all about making your self heard and visible. Because someone out there is looking for someone with the skills and expertise, you have, to help them.


What objections and excuses to come across? What objections do you have? Add them below and lets continue the conversation…….


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Posted December 12, 2012 by Ben Martin - Social_Ben in category Social Media

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I am a gadget man, a film lover, Husband and proud father and not least proud to be an IBM'er. Currently working across the globe helping seller to create better connections with clients through the use of Social Media. Please feel free to contact me if I can help I will. (my opinions are of course - my own)

4 thoughts on “My top ten excuses for not getting social? What’s Yours?

  1. Brad

    Hey Ben,

    I agree, those excuses come up all the time – another one I find is ‘ I don’t want to pay for a LinkedIn account’ People don’t realise how much you can achieve with a normal account, I think it’s more of a case of not wanting to try.

    1. Social_Ben

      Thanks for stopping by Bradley and adding your comment. I dont think its a case of not wanting to try but more not knowing what is possible. No one has ever showed them.

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  3. ColleenBurns

    Great blog, Ben. The “I don’t have time” and “people don’t care what I have to say” are the two I hear the most as a social business manager. But you are right – it is prioritizing. And seeing the value of social. And maybe that’s where I/we fall short – in demonstrating real life examples of how it helps grow relationships that turn into business. (personally – i just love people and new thoughts, so great exchanging of ideas is enough of a payoff for me!)


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