Managing On The Go – How To Be Boss Wherever You Are

The business world is growing more complicated and involved by the day thanks to technology. Yet thanks to technology, it’s also getting more manageable and efficient. That might seem like a contradiction, but it’s all about your preparation. If you’re on top of the rising wave, it’s a lot less worrying than those scurrying under it. Part of what’s changing about business is the prevalence of remote workers, running a business from home and even when travelling. So, we’re going to take a look at how some of the more successful bosses manage to keep being bosses even when they’re not around.

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Being able to communicate with your employees wherever you are is the most important part of being a boss. Although it’s not true that workers are any less motivated when their boss isn’t physically present, you will want to know what’s going on. Using digital communication apps can make it easy to keep in touch throughout the day. Communicating verbally is the best for ensuring your delegations and reports are clearly understood. You have to make sure you show a public stance of being open to bad news, as well. Nothing good comes from having negative developments hidden from you.

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It’s not just about talking about things, either. You need to manage, too. Business systems of all kinds are becoming more available so you can manage from afar. Whether it’s accounts of data, you can analyse to make decisions without needing someone to walk you through them. Or scheduling software so everyone knows what they’re supposed to be working on at what time. There are all kinds of options for networking your management.

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One of the keys to being a successful boss anywhere is delegation. Delegating tasks trains your employees to take more responsibility and builds a bond of trust. That trust is especially meaningful if tasks are delegated in your absence. In the best case scenario, it’s how you train a team of independent elites capable of working nearly autonomously. More realistically, it’s one way to give yourself less of a headache. Delegating properly can mean that you have less need to communicate so constantly with every member of the team.


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Sometimes, your team just doesn’t have enough know-how to do a task without your express guidance. There’s nothing wrong with that; you can always train them to take on more tasks. However, if you don’t have the time, outsourcing could be the key. Professionals, by nature of their trade, are usually much quicker at understanding your instructions. That and they need no hand-holding to get on with their job. Don’t get frustrated if you staff isn’t capable of a certain task, just use someone trained for it.
Being a boss from afar is all about how you handle the responsibility of managing staff and tasks. Management software and delegation can shift responsibilities. Communication ensures that no-one’s left out of the loop. So long as everyone has tasks they can handle and know how to do them, you should have a smooth ride.

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