Is Email Dying?

I am fortunate enough to work with Luis Suarez and get to share his thoughts and comments on a daily basis. If you not following him on twitter or reading his blog post please do, you wont regret it.

Unfortunately, as we sit in different parts of the world, it is not often we meet.

However it was fantastic to meet and hear him speak at the UCExpo in London this week. He was there to discuss “A world without email”, and whilst I will not rewrite his superb work, find it here. I will note a couple of things we should all consider when using email in business.


Email is no longer king of collaboration, if you want to collaborate effectively you need to be using the right tools.

Email should be a messaging and notification portal NOT a repository of information, where is becomes lost and provides no value.

Of course there are use case’s for email, so whilst you can reduce the amount of emails you receive, it will never be none. Luis states that his personal reduction is from 100’s a week down to an average of 16. Thats staggering right!

I would value your thoughts on the use of email, such as ; Do you see it as a to do list? Is it the only way you communicate now?

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Posted March 8, 2012 by Ben Martin - Social_Ben in category Email, Social Media

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2 thoughts on “Is Email Dying?

  1. Tara O.

    On a personal level, I almost never use email as a means of communication. It doesn’t make sense when things like text and Facebook message are faster. My inbox is constantly filled with junk I don’t want, so I don’t check that often – and my friends/family have the same problem.

    As a professional, I use email constantly. It’s a way to keep tabs on projects and maintain a “paper trail” on projects and timelines, so for me it does sort of act as a repository of information – I’d disagree that it provides no value. But in terms of actual collaboration, I agree that it doesn’t provide a lot of value on its own. It needs to be paired with IM, phone, internal social platforms (like Chatter).

    1. AlexEvanJones

      Like Tara, I find that on a personal level, I almost never use email, preferring the various IM and collab apps (Steam, Enjin, Facebook, Skype).

      From a professional sense, email is still an important part of my collaboration toolset. That being said, much of the functionality is now transitioning to other, more suitable tools, for example file sharing, project discussions and weekly activities have moved from email over to collaboration platforms such as Connections and Cloud.

      I think email is not going away, but the way it is being used is changing as new tools and solutions mature.


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