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By now you’ll most likely have noticed and used Instagram’s latest feature; polls. But, if you haven’t, we’ll give you a quick run-down. Similar to that of Twitter, Instagram introduced an option to ask your followers anything that’s on your mind in the form of a 2-option poll.

The poll feature is stored inside ‘stickers’ on your Instagram story. You can add a poll on any story you post, simply select ‘poll,’ write your answer options and publish it to your followers.


Keeping track of who’s said what is easy too, just click on your poll and have a flick through at the responses and what percentage of votes each option received. It’s a great way to monitor how many of your followers are actually engaged with your brand. If you have 1000 followers and get an average of 100 responses on every poll you post, that means 10% of your followers are invested in your brand. Paying attention to this cluster of people’s opinions will be incredibly beneficial to your brand. These are the loyal consumers whose opinions matter the most. Their insight will help you to offer them best products or services, that they ultimately may go on to recommend to friends and family.


Get Engaged

Firstly, your goal should be to get people engaged with and thinking about your brand. If you aren’t using the ‘stories’ feature on Instagram, get posting as soon as possible! It’s such an easy way to boost your brand awareness. People may be missing your posts in their feed, especially with the new non-chronological order. By posting stories or going live, you’re increasing your visibility and reminding your followers about you.


To start off polling on Instagram, publish simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions. These may seem simplistic, but they’re highly effective at increasing your engagement levels and brand awareness. They’re quick and easy to answer, and don’t require a huge deal of thought. You’re much more likely to get a larger response from these types of polls, therefore increasing follower engagement and the likelihood that your followers will interact with lengthier, more complex poll next time. We’ll explain these methods too!


Get Insights Straight From Your Consumers

There’s no easier way to get fast, direct feedback from your consumers than with an Instagram poll. This feature gives you a creative way to learn about your followers and learn from them too. Instead of making each poll about you and your brand, ask questions about your audience. A good place to start is to ask their feelings about different topics or find out what their interests are. This is a great way to identity exactly who your audience is, and advertise to them accordingly.


Get Feedback About Your Brand

What better place to get raw, honest insights on your brand than from the people who purchase from you? Use the poll feature to get feedback and opinions on you, your brand, your services, anything that you offer! Think of it as your own personal mini focus group, right in the palm of your hand. This method is important as it prompts responses from those who are truly engaged with your brand, and as we mentioned before, these people matter the most!


Whilst you won’t receive detailed answers or lengthy reports, the feedback you gain from these polls is invaluable. You’re getting to-the-point constructive criticism, the responses you gather will give a clear indication of what resonates with your followers and what doesn’t. A simple example would be to snap a photo of two products you currently offer. Accompany the image to your story with a poll; ask the question ‘which do you think will sell out first?’ Or, ‘do you prefer this in blue or red?’ Tailor the questions to suit your brand, but the underlying aim remains the same; gain feedback from your brand and apply it.


Give A Soft Sell

In today’s age of social media selling, trying alternative methods to invite consumers to purchase from your brand is important. More direct methods of selling include ‘last chance to buy’, ‘50% off’, ‘final sale’, or ‘buy now before it’s gone’. Whilst these can be useful methods, they’re not always the most effective when it comes to Instagram stories. This is where the poll feature comes in, you can ask your audience to consider your products or services, without including a direct call to action.


If you have new products or services coming out, post a selection and ask which your audience prefers in a poll. This way, you’re introducing something new and making your followers think about and have an opinion on the product. By asking consumers to choose between two products, once they’ve engaged with the poll and submitted a response, you’re increasing their curiosity. As well as this, their choice is solidified in their mind and will encourage them to purchase, increasing your sales.


Increase Your Mailing List


It’s simple yet effective, Instagram polls are a great way to get your audience to offer their details in exchange for a discount or seasonal offer. Make your followers feel like they’re receiving the VIP treatment. Simple pose the question ‘would you provide us with your email if we sent over a 20% off voucher?’ Those who reply yes are inviting you to take their details, so hop into their direct messages and source the information. Alternatively, use the poll to increase your engagement further by asking anyone selecting ‘yes’ to comment their information on your last upload. Your reach and impressions will boost, and you’ve just increased your mailing list to consumers who are genuinely invested into your brand. It’s a win-win, with a likelihood of increasing sales when sending out new mailers.


Instagram is an important tool for any brand or business. As the app has evolved throughout 2017, we’re allowed to interact with our followers much more and gain huge insights. Make sure you and your brand are utilising the potential of Instagram and Instagram polls.

Guest post : Ray Sherlock

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