How To Host A Successful Outdoor Business Event

Hosting a business event outdoors can be a great way of making it a more memorable occasion. It could also give you more space to put on the event that you want. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to hosting an event outdoors such as possibility of bad weather and the difficulties of supplying power. Here are just a few tips for making sure that your outdoor event goes smoothly.

Consider whether you need a permit

Some areas of land such as fields may not be privately owned but you may still need a permit from a local council. You may also have to abide by certain area rules – there may be noise restrictions past a certain time in the evening (usually 9pm) and you may have to ensure fire safety is adhered to. This is worth looking into first when choosing a location so that your event doesn’t get shut down and it’s best that the location you are going to choose has some type of fire inspection software and fire safety equipment like fire sprinkler installation, alarms, etc. In addition, you might want to consider hiring event security services for your outdoor business event.

Prepare yourself for all weathers

Hosting an event outdoors puts you at the mercy of the elements. It’s often a safe option to hire a marquee to host the main event under – this will provide shelter from the rain and shade from the sun. You may also want to consider the ground quality and whether it is likely to get muddy in the rain. You could always lay down mats to walk on, however this could get expensive over a large area. Avoid hosting an event at the bottom of a hill where water is likely to run off and create boggy ground.

Invest in the right power source

You’ll likely need power if you’ve got any electronic appliances at your event. If your event is in the grounds of a building and you’re only using one or two appliances, you may be able to get away with running a waterproof extension cord from one of this building’s power outlets. However, in most cases, you’re better off to buy a generator. There are lots of different generators on the market, each with their own perks. If you want to keep the noise down, you may want to look into a silent generator. If you want to project a green image, you may want to consider a solar generator. If you’ve got a huge number of appliances to plug in, you may want to hire a heavy duty generator.

Consider lighting and heating

For evening events, having some form of lighting could be vital. These could anything from spotlights to tiny solar lights. You may also want to consider investing in some outdoor heating. There are portable electric outdoors heaters that could help to warm up your guests – just make sure that they’re safe to use under your circumstances.

Deter pests

You may also want to consider ways to deter pests so that these don’t ruin your event. Citronella candles will keep away the mosquitoes whilst wasp traps can help to deter wasps. Also make sure that any food at your event is covered up.

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