Hiring of interns is to rise in 2013

Internships are becoming increasingly important in the transition from college to a career. According to a recent survey by Internships.com, 53% of companies plan to hire more interns in 2013 than they did in 2012.

This informative infographic details current trends in internships, and their positive impact on young professionals beginning their careers.

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Posted January 27, 2013 by Ben Martin - Social_Ben in category Careers

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2 thoughts on “Hiring of interns is to rise in 2013

  1. Julia Game

    Interesting info in this Ben – is this based purely on the US Market? I think the stats for the UK would be different, particularly in the who gets hired / most important qualities section. Interesting to read about the virtual hiring as it sounds great to a student but they struggle initially in getting to grips with a team not being around them. Interested to hear other people’s thoughts.

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