Here’s Why Your Big Recruitment Push Isn’t Working

Every so often, you will need to lead your company through a big recruitment drive. This is often needed when you decide to expand the business and try and take things up a notch. Expanding requires you to take on more work and clients, and you will need a large team of employees ready to take on all those extra projects! Not only that, though, but you will also need a strong back office department that can support your business with things like finance, HR, and legal aspects of running a company. There’s just one way to get a load of new employees on your books as soon as possible: push through a big recruitment drive!

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it isn’t always so easy. In fact, some entrepreneurs find that their recruitment push does little to help increase the company’s whole recruitment process. Why is that? Here are some common reasons why your recruitment push just isn’t working.

You Don’t Have Enough HR Staff To Handle The Extra Workload

When you start advertising a lot of open positions at your company, your HR department will have to be ready to receive a whole lot of job applications! Especially if you have employed some new and improved marketing tactics to get your job adverts out there to as many people as possible (which you should if you are serious about your recruitment drive). However, are you sure that your current number of HR employees are enough to tackle an increase in the department’s recruitment workload? If they struggle to keep up, then they will end up being very slow when it comes to processing job applications and arranging interviews. And that will slow down your recruitment drive. So, before you do commit to a new recruitment push, it is important to make sure that your HR department will be able to cope. If you think it will be a struggle for them, you should consider hiring a new HR member of staff. Alternatively, you may consider using the services of a third party temporary staffing agency. A professional temporary staffing agency can help you with the recruitment process.

Your Adverts Aren’t Hitting The Right People

You need to ensure that your job adverts are posted in the right places so that the right people for the jobs see them. If you aren’t careful with the placement of your job adverts, the right applicants might not find them, and you will end up getting a lot of applications who are just not suitable for the job. Ideally, you should place your adverts on specialist and niche job boards. For instance, if you own a company that works in the health industry and need to hire some new health professionals, it’s a good idea to post your advert onto a specialist job board for health-focused jobs. This will target the right candidates compared to if the job advert just went up on a generic job-search site. You could also use a portfolio procurement firm who can send out your job adverts to the candidates who they feel are best suited to the role. These types of companies have a huge pool of job seekers that they can dip into and connect to your company whenever you are looking to hire new employees.

Your Job Adverts Don’t Detail The Roles Correctly

When the wrong types of people apply for your job openings, you will find that this can severely slow down your whole recruitment process. That’s because your HR staff will have to take longer going through applications, and they might end up wasting time interviewing the wrong kinds of people. There is one way to get around this – you just need to make sure that all of your job adverts detail the open position correctly. That way, people will know exactly what to expect from the job and the criteria that all applicants need to fill in order to get the position. And hardly anyone who doesn’t match the exact criteria will apply!

You Have Misjudged The Salary

What kind of salary are you offering for all the open positions you’re currently hiring for? This is something you should think carefully about.

If you get it wrong, you might end up putting people off applying! Sure, most businesses are trying to save money right now, and one of the main areas in the corporate world that has been hit by cutbacks is staff salaries payed with a new check stubs. However, if you mention a salary on the job advert that is way too low, you will find that hardly anyone will apply for the role. Your salaries need to be realistic and enough for a worker to comfortably live off. They also need to be relative to the position.

If you aren’t entirely sure how much you should offer for a new position, you should take a look at your competitors’ job adverts to see what they pay for similar positions. Remember that it is also not worth offering a salary that is a lot higher than your competitors. Otherwise, you will find that lots of people who don’t have the necessary skills or experience will apply for the job just to be in with a chance of getting such a good income!

Your Recruitment Process Is Too Long Winded

Once you start receiving all the job applications, how are your HR team going to whittle them all down? Each company has their very own recruitment process and way of working their way to the perfect recruit. Some companies, such as Google and Facebook, have very long recruitment processes. It is unnecessary for you to have a similar style process as it can be quite off putting to some applicants. Ideally, you should only have two rounds of interviews. If you require your interviewees to take a test, you should schedule this to take place before or after one of their interviews, as organizing a separate time to just take a test can be inconvenient to your HR department and the applicants.

If you follow all of these tips, you should find that your big recruitment drive will be a huge success, and you can quickly hire a lot of great talent!

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