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Are you running a business in 2016? If you are, it’s crucial that you are using the available technology. Technology has been providing answers to companies for years. Need a new marketing campaign? Check out the latest tech. Do you want your business to be more efficient? You might want to see what Microsoft has cooked up lately. You get the idea. The truth is that over the years this trend hasn’t diminished. If anything, it’s grown, and technology has become more important for business owners looking to make their mark. It doesn’t matter whether you need to cut costs or expand; tech provides the key that you need. Here are some pieces of tech software you should be investing in and ideas on how they could benefit your business.

Cloud Software

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Have you started using cloud technology in your business yet? If you don’t know cloud technology is a way to share and store information online. It’s everywhere now. If you look at your phone, you’ll probably find it’s offering cloud tech to store your data. Is it cheap? Of course not but that doesn’t mean it’s not providing distinct advantages to business owners. Using cloud technology such as the Cloud 9 Software, you will be able to easily share information between providers, patients, customers and employees. This will make your business run far more efficiently and allow you to change your business model. Using cloud technology, there is nothing stopping you running your company from home. Or, travelling while controlling and guiding your business from afar. There is also the advantage of online security. Cloud tech provides one of the most secure forms of storing data. You won’t have to worry about your client’s important information.

Of course, it all depends on what cloud software you use. Have a look at some of the best possibilities online before you commit to a specific software.

E-Learning Software

There are numerous advantages to using E-learning software in your business. E-learning provides a cheap and efficient way for keeping your staff up to date with training. Using software such as Adobe Captivate, you can create E-learning programmes. It could be the perfect tool to get new employees up to speed with your practices when they join your company. You can use E-learning to train your employees on anything. The software can be moulded into whatever form you like to create the perfect learning tool. Interested in this possibility? Captivate Training classes by Training Connection would be a good place to start. There you will learn everything you need to know about this unique business tool. E-learning comes with several advantages that we think you’ll be particularly interested in. For starters, it’s cheaper than other training possibilities. It’s also one of the fastest methods for learning.

SEO Software


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We wouldn’t recommend that you invest in software that producers claim can add SEO to your business site. This tends to be cheap and lazy SEO tactics that are immediately dismissed by Google. Even the most advanced software is not yet at the point where it can be used to design a website with SEO automatically. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be investing in SEO software for your business. Specifically, you can get software that allows you to keep track of how effective your SEO is. You can also use the software to measure your methods against your direct competition online. By doing this, you’ll be able to discover what’s working for them and what isn’t. Essentially, you’ll be able to create a marketing campaign with the best bits of theirs.

Digital Faxing

Are you still using a faxing machine in your business? Perhaps you are, but we’ve got two major reasons why you should stop right now. You’re killing the environment, and it’s costing your business a fortune. Just think for a moment about how much paper you use faxing on a regular basis. Now consider how much the maintenance costs for the machine have been. It’s probably only a couple hundred each year, but those little costs are the ones that add up. There’s really no need to spend that money either. Not when you can use a digital software for a fraction of the cost with the same results. Information for faxing can now be sent directly to your email.

Video Conferencing

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Lastly, we recommend that you stop flying across the world for conferences and instead use the available software. Business trips cost an absolute fortune and are completely pointless. Especially when you consider you can talk to your clients on a conference call, face to face, without leaving the office. It’s just one of the many other forms of tech your business should be using in 2016.

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