Extra Cash Options For Strapped Freelancers

Every freelancer will tell you that the worst thing about being a contractor is not knowing where your next job or project will come from. What with all the uncertainty over future work, there is no wonder that freelancers simply say yes to every offer that comes this way. Because of this, all freelancers will have experienced extremely busy periods – you know, making hay while the sun shines. Unfortunately, every freelancer will have also been through very quiet periods with hardly any work. And that means there isn’t much money coming in!

As this imbalance in work and income is very common with freelancers, they all like to have some extra tricks up their sleeve that can help them make some extra cash during the hard times. If you are a strapped freelancer and need a little boost of income, here are some great ways to earn a little bit of extra cash.


Start Tutoring

These days, most freelancers have a college degree, especially if they are content writers or web developers. Did you know that if you have a degree, you can become a tutor? It’s true! Once you have a degree in a subject, you can tutor it at high-school level. You may need to brush up on what students need to know for their assignments and exams but, once you get clued up, you will be able to look for clients. The best places to advertise your skills include online sites like Craigslist and in local newspapers. If you have space to hold your lessons in your own home, you will have very minimal expenses as a part-time tutor.


Resell Web Hosting


There are now a few companies, including Wizz Hosting that can help individuals and businesses sell their web hosting onto others. This is a really easy way for freelancers to make some extra money as you don’t really have to lift a finger. Simply sign up to the company on the website and then choose the best plan for you. The only thing to remember is you should always resell your web hosting through a company that offers white label plans so that you know everything is above board and legal!


Offer Social Media Management

Many freelancers now use social media to market their own business and find new clients and projects. Think your social media skills have pretty good? Then you might want to offer your services to a local business. These days, it is absolutely imperative for all companies to have a presence on social media as many customers now find new companies via Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, looking after these accounts can take quite a bit of time. Many entrepreneurs outsource their social media management as they don’t have time to take care of it themselves. If you have the time to spare a couple of hours each day, it could be worth looking for work in social media. It only involves scheduling tweets and status updates for companies, and it is fairly well paid compared to other freelance work.


Take Advantage Of Festival Season

Don’t worry if you don’t have many projects through the summer months – it’s festival season, and there will be plenty of jobs you could do at festivals! One of the main benefits of dabbling in festival work is that you will be able to travel around the country to different festivals. Lots of people find work helping with festival organisation, such as crowd control and working on food stalls. The best way to find work at a festival is to contact the main organisers directly.



Use Your Car For Cash

Enjoy driving? If so, you might as well earn some money from it while your main freelancing work isn’t too lucrative. One of the easiest ways to earn money with your vehicle is by signing up as a driver for Uber. Once you are registered with the company, you can start giving lifts to customers, much like a taxi driver. One of the best things about driving for Uber is that all payments are done through the app, so there isn’t any worry about carrying high amounts of cash with you. You also won’t need to stress about having change all the time! Driving for Uber is a very flexible job, and you should be able to fit shifts around your main work.


Don’t worry if you have a month of not much work – as you can see there are some great options that can help you find extra cash!

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