Effective Ways To Give A Good First Impression In Business

When trying to source clients in your business, first impressions count. You need to make every effort to ensure your company stands out from the competition, so how you present yourself and your service matters.

Here are several ways you can make a good first impression when meeting new clients.

Do your homework

When meeting a prospective client, you need to do your homework. Visit their website and find out as much about them as you can, knowing their company’s history and mission statement. In much the same way you would for a job interview, knowing you have done some research will make the client look favorably towards you.

Be on time

When traveling to the meeting, make sure you are punctual and arrive early if possible. Get to know the route you will be taking so you don’t get lost on the way, and take into account traffic and parking spots limited by car park markings. You need time to prepare yourself when you arrive, such as heading to the restroom to make sure you look presentable, and to gain composure. Arriving late and disheveled is not the way to guarantee a good first impression.

Focus on your presentation

You need to look presentable, so wear something that befits the meeting. A designer suit is preferable for a formal business meeting, but you don’t want to overdress for something informal. You need to feel comfortable in whatever you wear, but you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons with an inappropriate outfit.

As you meet your clients, a firm handshake will show you have confidence. However, you don’t want to grip too tightly, as your lasting impression shouldn’t be bruising on your client’s fingers. When you shake hands, smile and give eye contact. On your first meeting, you are trying to convey a positive image, so everything from your face to your body language will improve your first impression. You can even exchange business cards to get each other’s contact information. Just make sure that your card is presentable. That can easily be achieved with the assistance of services like printing services dublin.

Active listening

You may be pitching an idea, but it is important to engage with what your client is saying. Again, focus on your body language to show you are attentive. Don’t interrupt your client, but wait for appropriate times to speak and ask questions. If you try to hurry them or finish off their sentences, they won’t feel valued by you. Similarly, asking a question to something they have already given the answer to will show you haven’t listened properly.

A lasting impression

When meeting a client, you don’t want them to forget you in favor of your competition. Leave them with a professionally made business card from a company such as these compelling

z card printing designs. Say goodbye with another firm handshake, and thank your client for their valuable time.

Don’t hurry to contact your client again, but give them time to think about the meeting you had. However, you don’t want to lose their potential custom, so a quick phone call or an email after a couple of days to remind them you are still interested in their business will suffice.

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