9 Easy Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

The main goal of businesses for having a blog or website is using it as a platform for reaching out to more people and converting them into clients. It’s not enough that you are getting many visitors on your website, but the big question at the end of the day is if you successfully turned them into customers. If your conversion rate is low even when your site traffic is high, look into this matter carefully as this is where the growth of your business depends on.

There are simple ways on how to increase your conversion rate, which will also make your sales go up. One of these is making the navigation of your site easier. If your site is difficult to load and disorganized, visitors may end up leaving as soon as they reach your homepage.

Most people are busy and they don’t want to spend much time looking for things they need on your site. Remove unnecessary images or texts and make it easier for the audience to see what you have to offer. Speaking of the audience, make sure that you are attracting the right market and that you serve what they are looking for.

To help you get better conversion rate on your site, we prepared an infographic that shows more ways on how this can be done. The steps are easy to follow.

Check them out on our fun and useful illustration below, and start getting more clients.

9 Easy Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate (HowSBO)

Your Website Isn’t A Hit? These Are The Reasons Why

It takes a big person to admit their website is working. Seriously, it does. Lots of people like to kid themselves by finding excuses as to why the site isn’t a huge success. Let me tell you that this strategy will only make it harder to gain notoriety. Sites need a person in the driving seat that can spot mistakes so that they can find a solution. Only once the site is error-free will customers take notice start to visit more often. Here are a few of the mistakes that you might be making and how to put them right.


Not Using Video

What do you think when you think of social media? Facebook? Twitter? Of course you do because these are the two of the Big Three. However, there is one more you need to think about, and that is YouTube. For the past decade, YouTube has been the leader in everything video-related. Now that video-related content is taking over in 2017, it’s time to use the Google based company to your benefit. A site that incorporates video has two distinct advantages. The first is a share of the users which go on YouTube on a daily basis, and the second is the opportunity to go viral. Both are very lucrative for any individual’s or business’s website.


Forgetting To Test


Good sites implement new technology and platforms on regular occasions. But, what separates your site from the sites that work is testing. The number of people that test before they go live is a joke – the number is that low. When you think about the effect a broken feature has on the audience, there is no excuse not to try before you buy. After all, it’s not like it takes a lot of time or effort. Take a marketing ploy as an example. To see which tactic works best, you only need to tweak two pages so that the message differs slightly. Then, with the help of analytic software, you see which works best.



Unwilling To Generate Traffic

The ‘if you build it they will come’ theory isn’t going to work in 2017. The competition is too stiff for any site to have the time or the patience to test the theory. So, it’s vital you understand the importance of finding techniques which attract new visitors. There is a reason PPC and SEO works, and it’s because it goes out and finds the interested parties. You can’t afford to wait for them to find you because the chances are they won’t bother – they’ll go with whatever comes first.


Not Evolving To SEO

Let’s stay with SEO for a minute because it’s important. Frankly, its importance is central to the site’s success – that is how much it helps. What doesn’t help, though, is not adapting to the times because search engine optimisation doesn’t stand still. The best sites use the best SEO has to offer, and to do that they have to change tact depending on the era. In basic terms, that means doing everything from investing more time in your content to optimising visual content.


If you take care of these problems, the site will be a hit. That is certain.


Making Your Website Profitable Again

Perhaps you had a relatively popular website in the past, or maybe you’ve just lost some customers and, as a result, you’re not getting as much profit as you’d like from your business. Contrary to what many people have been preaching, a business website is not a sure way of improving your business’s exposure and driving sales. Sure, you might be able to provide some information and you might even have the patience to setup an eCommerce platform to allow customers to buy you products. However, that doesn’t mean your website is going to be popular the moment you publish it onto the internet.



Is your website draining money or making you money?


Unless you have a well-trained financial advisor or you’ve had practice managing your books, you probably don’t have a clue if your website is actually making you money or not. Many online businesses actually gain most of their profit from sales, advertising revenue and even affiliate marketing. However, if you’re a local business with a physical location, then chances are you’re probably not relying much on the internet at all.


In times like this, you have to consider if your website is actually draining time and money, or if it’s actually a profitable addition to your business. The best way to do this is to use analytics. For instance, by tracking the number of users that visit your website and then monitoring if they actually buy something or if they go on to look at the physical location of your store. This is what’s called conversion rate. The idea is that you compare the number of unique visitors on your website to the number of people that actually bought something from your store.


With the help of a third party such as Lightbox CRO services, you could potentially drive your online sales with a mix of marketing, website optimisation and social media growth. It’s a complicated process which is why many companies offer a turnkey solution for your website troubles, and it’s always recommended to consult a third party before tackling the challenge on your own and potentially making it worse.



Rekindling interest in your website


One of the best ways to improve your website’s relevancy is to get involved with communities. For instance, if your website is based on a specific topic, such as a blog about cats or a website that reviews movies, then get involved with those related communities. For example, head over to a movie community and speak to people about the latest releases, subtly hint your blog and try to get recognised. If you’re working hard to expose your brand on social media, then you’ll have readers flocking to your website assuming you have a unique opinion about what you review.


If your website is a business one that sells specific products, then consider sending review products and samples to prominent bloggers, video content creators and even publications in order to get a review. The more you expose your business, the more profitable your website will become and the more likely you’ll get repeat customers.

Taking The Ricky Gervais Out Of Your Workplace


We’ve all been there before. We’ve all witnessed a scene in the workplace reminiscent of ‘The Office’, either due to gross incompetence, a human resource disaster involving inappropriate behaviour between colleagues or simply a lack of productivity widespread amongst all staff members. Of course, failures in the office can rapidly start to trickle down into the very core operations of a business and could have big consequences for the smooth running of your corporation.


It’s your job to keep things in order as the employer and shut down avenues which are leading to consistent and continuous problems within the business, time and time again. It’s your job to boost productivity. If you want to avoid feeling as if your office is part of a failing business in a Ricky Gervais sitcom, then here are some tips to help bring the office environment, mentality and the business as a whole back up to scratch.


Identify strong and weak employees.

Unfortunately, you may have to let some people go. When low levels of productivity spread across a team, it’s unlikely that all those people you hired just so happened to simultaneously become incompetent. Some have claimed that there is proof for toxic employees being “contagious” to other members of staff in a company. One bad attitude can affect everyone else’s attitude, and the domino effect really takes hold of a business quickly after that. You need to go to the source, find any workers who have forgotten the meaning of professional conduct and let go of anyone who is ultimately bringing the whole team down. You might be surprised to find that the entire mood of the office lifts after you do.


Create a fun environment.

An office cannot function well without well-functioning people, which is why you should be striving to create a workplace in which it is fun for your employees to work. This doesn’t just have to include a fish tank in the corner, beanbags for chilling out or even an ice cream machine in the break room, though all these things would likely boost employee morale. Still, simply allowing your workers freedom with the dress code, freedom to go out for a bit at lunch or simply to get creative with their work station means the now-happy workforce will liven up the office environment for you. It’s people who create a pleasant environment more so than even the most contemporary design style.


Get out of the rut.

An employer and the average employee are both bound to become unmotivated and uninspired when the day to day operations of a company become routine. Business is about constantly striving towards growth and new goals, but neither is possible if you forget to push your company forward. Productivity levels are bound to drop and people are bound to let standards slip as soon as they have nothing left to which they can aim. You need to break the routine and challenge your employees, as this is what people need in order to kick their brain into action and force themselves to work hard. If you tell them to do something they haven’t done before, your workers will be out of their comfort zone and desperate to work towards finding some level of balance again, which will get them pumped and ready to go.



Remove hazards.

Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of advice is that you need to ensure your office is efficient on a practical basis. Companies such as Ellis Whittam could provide help with creating a safe, healthy workplace. Hazards can lead to lawsuits, but, even if legal action is not taken, a failure to meet the basic safety requirements that a person would expect when working in any sort of workplace is going to tarnish the overall reputation of professionalism that your business is trying to project. Having some sort of safety net in place to prevent such incidents and respond quickly if something bad should ever happen means that your firm is choosing to portray the image of an organised, safe and caring company.


Redesign the office.

The aesthetic of a working environment affects everything involved with the way the people within that environment operate. If you want to look around the office and see more than half-asleep, zombie-like employees then you need to be developing surroundings which foster a healthier and more alert mindset in the people you employ. Using warm, natural lighting rather than blinding, artificial lights means fewer headaches and better concentration, for example. Even the design of the chairs can have a practical benefit, as ergonomic chairs look nicer and are far more comfortable for employees. Ergonomic design also fosters healthier joints, which means fewer aches and pains and higher productivity levels.



Communicate well with employees.

A company is nothing without leadership, and a failure to connect with your workers whether that involves understanding their issues or simply directing them in terms of what they should be doing within their projects is a failure to lead the company properly. You need to be valuing the hard work of your staff, as this will not only let them know that they’re doing something important, but it’ll motivate other members of staff to try harder in order to get the recognition they deserve too. Offering rewards such as bonuses or perhaps even a promotion to those who work exceptionally well is a great incentive for people to reach higher.


Bring the team together.

The best workforce is one which is valued individually and as a collective. Perhaps some members of staff flourish through solo work, but the company needs to be acting as one unified entity. You should be encouraging cooperation before competition, as it is other businesses within the industry which are your competition. You need to be ensuring that members of your team value and respect one another, even if they sometimes lock themselves away and work alone. The key is that everybody moves in the same direction, and therefore the business moves in the same direction.

Training Is As Important As Hiring, And Here’s Why

A social business, or any business for that matter, will place a lot of emphasis on appointing the right employees. Once a business has the right person, the company will benefit as great employees affect everything. On the face of it, there is a real reason your company places a lot of emphasis on hiring the right people. However, it isn’t the only important facet to consider when it comes to employees as some aspects are as important or even more so. Here’s why it’s time to understand that training is just as significant.


The Best Aren’t Available

Sure, you want the best people for the job, but the best people aren’t always available. They might already be in a job they don’t want to leave, or they might get offers from other companies. The truth is that if they are the best of the best, there will be a lot of competition for their services. Training, though, allows a firm like yours to take a different route as the best employee isn’t necessary. With the right training methods, it’s possible to mould a decent employee into a brilliant one. In fact, it’s possible to do it with every single person in the office. You might not get the best from the beginning, but you can have the best with a little patience.
















People Get Bored

One thing you can guarantee when you start a business is that people bore easily. The process of coming into work day after day doing the same thing is monotonous. The problem from your point of view is that it’s necessary for the sake of the firm. Training, thankfully, allows you diffuse the situation as it transforms a stale job into an exciting one. Just taking time out of the day for a one to one session, for example, is enough to keep the workforce fresh. Teaching them how to perform new tasks and providing them with new skills, then, is bound to give them a new lease of life.


Small Team Pack A Big Punch


Small to medium businesses have a problem with money, the problem being they don’t have enough money to survive. Yes, you would love to go out and hire a host of new employees to take care of sales but you can’t afford to. Labour is a huge expense, so paying someone a wage isn’t the answer. The answer is to train an existing member of the team with experts in sales training. With guidance, a social media boffin could sell a mechanic a rusty bag of wrenches, saving the firm a fortune in the process. Anyone can learn new skills as long as they have the coaching.



Company Benefits

Even if you have the best team, you would want them to become better. A small business, or any business, can’t afford to rest on its laurels because of the competitive nature of the industry. Training allows the company and its employees to learn more about the role and grow. The result is they work harder, faster, better – everything a business needs and wants.

If you don’t believe in business training, you should now.


Marketing, PR and Communications

Marketing, PR and Communications. Three areas of your business where you need to be bang on. The foundations of a relationship you build with potential consumers, they captivate, communicate and care for your clients. They can also be pretty damaging to your business if you get them wrong so it’s worth considering the long term effect of any strategy before you kick off.

One company which thought they had stumbled across a cool marketing whizz was Casa Sanchez in California. They popped a sign in their window offering free lunch for life to anyone who tattooed it’s logo on their body. We guess it seemed like a fun idea at the time and maybe Casa Sanchez thought that one or two people may be crazy enough to do this. Unfortunately 40 newly inked customers came through their doors. At this point the restaurant decided to get the accountants involved and realised if all 40 customers took up the offer and ate lunch every day for the next 50 years, it would cost the company $5.8 million dollars. This is a great case of a simple and free idea for them, ending up costing a fortune. And a lesson, to never underestimate what people will do for a free lunch.

Marketing will make or break you as a business. Finding a good digital marketing company is a good place to start. Don’t be led by them when it comes to budget, you lead when it comes to the figures. Tell them what you can afford and then hand the reins over. You need to run any ideas they come up with past your accountants. Get someone to crunch the numbers and tell you if there is enough potential gain to make the spend worthwhile.

You could go it alone in some areas. Social media is a good place to start but before you put your company online you do need to understand a few of the pitfalls. Having your business on Twitter means you give the world direct access to you when things go wrong. A great example is the recent mistake made by a British flower company who failed to deliver their product on Valentine’s Day. Straight away their twitter was full of angry customers all airing their issues. Unfortunately the company had a very poor strategy for dealing with this. There were no apologies made, no resolutions and they came across as simply not caring. The truth is they just had no idea how to deal with the situation. If you take a look at Interflora who also had a few issues on Valentine’s Day, you will see that their social media team openly apologised, made very quick resolutions and everyone was happy. The lesson to learn here is that ownership is important when you are on the world stage. The ability to say “Ah, we have made an error. This is how we are going to fix it for you” can turn a bad situation into a good one.

Best advice when it comes to your marketing and communications strategy? Leave it to the professionals.

5 Things Every Online Business Should Know For 2017

Running an online business might seem like a walk in the park, but once you get into it, you realize there are many more aspects to it than you imagined. If you’ve got an ingenious idea for an online business and you want to make it happen, then you need to know that developing your business will take up a lot of time and expertise to get it right. It’s important to note that trends and unwritten rules of the World Wide Web change constantly and you need to be on top of your game constantly so that your business can thrive.

As 2017 has already taken full sway, we’ll talk about 5 things that every online business should keep in mind this year. Hopefully, these pointers will give you a nudge in a good direction so that you can further develop and improve your online business.

1.    Find Your Target Audience


One of the first things you have to determine before you start working seriously is to make sure you’ve got an audience for it. The Internet is vast and you will find a community for practically anything you can think of or even better, you can start one on your own and place your brand in the center of it. This is the beauty of internet – if you’ve got enough imagination, knowledge and a pinch of luck, you can create anything. Seeing that there are hundreds of online businesses going live every day, it would be wise for you to start small and then work your way toward a bigger audience. No matter how vast your niche is, you don’t have to for the big fish right away, do your best to attract smaller target audience that loves your product, and once you’ve nailed that you can move on toward higher goals.

2.    Your Website Needs to Be in Top Shape

This should really go without saying, seeing that the website is what makes or breaks your online business. When your potential customers come to your website, they’re stepping into your office, so if you want to impress them, you better be ready to constantly work and improve your site. You want your clients to move effortlessly around your website and find everything they need quickly. Ease of navigation, loading time, as well as the visual design of the “web office” is incredibly important, as it sets the tone for what your visitors can expect from you. You also want to have a mobile-friendly version of your website because more than half of all Google searches are done through mobile devices, plus it affects your SEO. We recommend constantly tweaking and finding ways to enhance your website – nobody responds better to innovation than the internet and its virtual citizens.

3.    Internet Security and Privacy


We can’t even begin to accentuate just how much of an imperative it is to have your security in check at all times when you’re running an online business. Chances are that you will be managing a great deal of confidential information through your website, including credit card details and other sensitive data of your clients, not to mention everything concerning your business. It is paramount to have superb security software that will take care of any potential cyber trouble that comes your way. You should also be concerned about the internet privacy of your online business because surveillance can’t be avoided on the internet, but it can be sidetracked, if you’ve got the right tools. VPNs (virtual private networks) and proxies are able to encrypt all the data coming from your website and allow you to bypass cybercriminals trying to track your financial activities in an attempt of identity theft. VPN is probably the best tool for internet privacy that you’ll find and it’s not that expensive to use, especially if you opt out for a yearly plan that most good VPN companies offer. The security and privacy of your business are closely intertwined, so make sure you’ve got both aspects covered so that you can safely run your business in peace.

4.    Choosing the Right Tools

Like we’ve already mentioned a couple of times, having the right set of tools to help you reach your goals is vital and internet is more than happy to provide. Depending on what kind of business you’re running and how it expands, you’ll need the help of plugins, apps, and extensions to shed some light on what needs to be done. Having trustworthy accounting and payroll software will be of great help to all business owners employing more and more people, while social media automation tools will enable you to keep your social media campaign on point (to a certain extent, after which you’ll need a human being to run things). One other sound investment is customer relationship management (CRM) software that was invented to make customer management and your life a whole lot easier. Thanks to CRM systems, you can easily take care of marketing, accounting and many other aspects of your business that you should never neglect.

5.    Advertise, Advertise, then Advertise Some More


You need to put your brand out there for the world to see and there is no better way to do that than to advertise it. There are so many options to promote what you’re passionate about in 2017, and all you have to do really is take your pick. Of course, your advertising decisions should be directly affected by the fact where you’ll find your target audience – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or somewhere in between? Aside from social media, you want to be as present as possible on other popular websites of your niche, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with the people behind the prosperous online businesses and see how you can connect your brand with theirs. Conducting a successful marketing campaign is far from easy, but if done right, it can be a game changer for the business.

Whatever you’re setting out to do in your online business endeavor, don’t forget that it will take time to create a good reputation and public image for yourself, so patience is crucial. Don’t get too lost in daydreaming but get to work and slowly start to transform your ideas into reality. – Adam Ferraresi


Adam FerraresiAdam loves everything related to technology since he was five years old and it was that love that brought him into web development. Soon after he graduated from college, he got a job in Dallas working as a web developer and not long after that, he was recognized for his qualities as a writer. Presently, he’s a freelance writer for wefollowtech.com and is very happy because of it. In his free time, when he’s got any, he enjoys playing basketball and hiking.


Any Home Business Will Boom In These Industries


Are you considering setting up a new company? If so, you might be looking into the possibility of running your business from home. It’s a great idea because you can keep costs low while still being an effective force on the market. The days are gone when running a business from home meant that your opportunities would be restricted. Now it’s entirely possible that a home run company could end up on the fortune five hundred list. That’s not an exaggeration, and the reason why that’s now a possibility is due to tech. With new business tech, you can literally do anything you want from the comfort of your home including run an incredibly successful company. The question is, what type of business should you think about running.


A Man With A Blog

Is a man with great potential, or woman for that matter. In the past, blogs were online diaries with no real purpose except to be a place people could share their life issues. Now, things are quite different. For one thing, it’s possible that a blog can be one of the most powerful marketing tools in a business’s arsenal. Essentially, when you set up a blog, you are opening up your own exclusive marketing platform. You can use this however you want and ensure that you get your message across. It’s also possible to set up a blog as a business in itself. It doesn’t have to have any other purpose other than to share your writing, your creations, and your information. The secret to success here is sponsored content. There will always be promoters and advertisers interested in tapping into your target audience. When they do this, they will be paying you for space on the blog. At that point, your little website is a moneymaking machine.


Software Development

It used to be the case that to create and manage software you needed a massive team working together in an office. Not anymore, now you can run your business like this from home with no trouble at all. In fact, it’s possible that you can use software offered from companies like QASymphony to manage software development and testing without massive numbers of employees. Multiple pieces of software can be run and tested at the same time using their tech. As such, it really is possible to be a solopreneur, developing and selling software online. That brings us to one of the final best possibilities for an online home run business.



You can run an ecommerce business online selling whatever product or service you like to customers. It doesn’t matter what your product is as long as you can find customers who are willing to buy it. The good news is that there are always individuals looking to buy no matter what product you’re selling. You can start by setting up a website. After that invest in marketing and soon you will see your customer base will grow and expand online. Within a few months your online shop could be completely profitable and a fantastic little income for you.


Any_Home_Business_Will_Boom_In_These_Industries_-_Google_Docs_? 2


If you thought social media was just about being social, think again. Today it’s about “social selling.” Potential investors, employees, colleagues, clients and customers are literally at your fingertips. But it is up to you to build relationships and establish trust. And that is what social selling is all about.

Social selling is no longer optional for your business. It’s a powerful strategy that can help sell your ideas, establish credibility, secure funding, attract talent and win customers.

Social networking takes up nearly a quarter of all time spent online and reaches more than 75 percent of all Internet users. If you’re engaging with your target audience on any level via social media, whether for business development or promoting your brand, that is social selling.

As Dale Carnegie wrote in his timeless bestseller, How to Win Friends and Influence People, building relationships and changing people’s thinking are the linchpins of success. Today, social selling is the optimal tool for achieving both.

Here are three steps to help you leverage the power of social selling:


The basis of every good relationship is understanding. Take time to understand your prospective customer, talent, investor, co-founder, business partner or client. Building a relationship with this person starts with knowing who they are.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites give us access to key information about each other. In an era when people are quick to open up online, you’re able to discern whom it makes sense to connect with and uncover valuable information about them, from their job to their alma mater to their reading habits.

As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said, “People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people.” Because people are increasingly willing to share through social media, it is easier for you to identify and learn about your targeted customer or group.


Once you identify people you want to have in your network, begin to engage with them. Find common ground and use it as an entry point to initiate dialogue and establish a connection.

Making friends is easy when you’re authentic. Like walking into a dinner party where you know only the host, your inclination when striking up conversation with other guests is to find a common thread. Find it, and you’ve got an authentic conversation starter.

It’s no different on social media. Interact authentically by responding to someone’s blog that you truly liked or give a shout out to a recently promoted prospect. Ultimately, you’ll be in a better position to create a tailored and authentic “pitch” with relationships already in play.


The next step is to deepen your relationships, the crux of selling anything — including your credibility. People want to invest in, work for and partner with professionals they know and trust. Forge relationships; don’t seek transactions. Social selling is about engaging with people in a disarming way. It’s about giving and receiving. Nurturing relationships takes time and calls for authenticity at all times.

This strategy generates 40 percent more qualified leads than cold calling and allows you to build genuine connections. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads at 33 percent lower cost. Although these statistics might refer to a more traditional sales process, entrepreneurs would be remiss not to take notice.

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Are You An SEO Schmo?

Search engine optimization is a phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of even the toughest entrepreneurs. It’s difficult to get right, and even if you do get it right, it can take a heck of a long time to see any results.

Many people new to the art tend to get frustrated. It just takes so long for anything to happen, it feels as if search engines are just punishing you. That leads people to make mistakes that can hamper their success in the long run. Here are some SEO mistakes that you must avoid.

Mistake #1: Stuffing Keywords

Some businesses who are desperate to rank better will start keyword stuffing in an attempt to convince search engine algorithms that they are the most relevant page for a particular search term. While this might sound like a good idea, in theory, it’s actually a bad idea in practice. The reason for this is that search engines are very sophisticated these days. Not only do they take into account myriad other consideration when ranking a page, besides the keywords, they can also penalize websites that they suspect of keyword stuffing.



In any article you post to your site, the first mention of the keyword matters the most, and then any subsequent keywords count for less and less towards your ranking. The drop off in the importance of following keywords is steep, so there really is no reason to keyword stuff for the purposes of SEO anymore.

Mistake #2: Having A Bunch Of Broken Links

Let’s suppose that you’ve written a beautiful, well-researched article with a bunch of links to your sources for the benefit of your readers. They’re merrily reading through your article when they stumble across a link reading “click here to look ten years younger.” Of course, half of the people reading the post will click to find out more.

The problem, however, is when that link is broken and the page on the other end fails to load. It’s annoying for your readers, and Google doesn’t like it either. In fact, Google will punish websites with lots of broken links to it’s a good idea to make sure that they are all in working order.

Mistake #3: Cut And Paste Jobs

At school and university, plagiarism is a “crime.” Copying the work of another (or even yourself) was bad.

On the internet, Google takes a similar view. It doesn’t like copied content and will punish websites that it thinks are just reproducing content from authority sources. Needless to say, cut and paste jobs don’t work.


A much better strategy is to create your own compelling content. This will make you stand out, give you a monopoly on a particular subject area or angle, and help keep people coming back to your site – which, after all, is what you want.

It’s also a good idea to prevent duplicate content from cropping up on your own site too. Often duplicate content affects ecommerce sites that have multiple pages for the same product. Remove these duplicates to avoid being down ranked.