Boosting Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is incredibly important to any business. A loyal audience can help your business to grow, recommending you, sharing your content and offering up valuable feedback, as well as returning for more. But, an audience that isn’t bothered, don’t remember you, never come back or even worse, tell everyone about their negative experience. Here are some easy ways you can boost your customer engagement today.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is probably one of the most important tools available to businesses today. It’s an exceptionally easy way for companies, both large and small to advertise, engage and reach new clients. Hopefully, your business already has social media platforms on at the very least Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But, are you using them well?

The key to social media engagement isn’t just advertising and sharing your own products or content. It needs to be genuine. Spend time chatting to your followers, sharing information you think could be useful to them, not just from your business, and share their posts. Make them feel like you care, and they’ll soon be recommending you to all of their friends and followers.

Email Marketing

In the world of social media, you could be forgiven for thinking email marketing is past it’s best. But, you’d be wrong. Email is still a powerful way of reaching your audience. It’s personal, can seem one to one, even when it isn’t and is a fantastic way to communicate with your customers. Set up an email list and start getting in touch.

Talk to Them

A big part of customer service is going above and beyond. To build relationships, spend time actually getting to know people. Customers love nothing more than to walk into a shop and have a chat with someone that remembers them. If you don’t have a brick and mortar store or work only with suppliers and clients, you can still build trusting and loyal relationships with being friendly and engaging. It’s always worth it. You may use this link if you need a software to help you collect feedback from your customers.


Customers trust a brand that does well, that stays true to their roots while still moving with the times. They trust in success. So, let them know about yours. If you are moving into International Import and Export, let them know. Or, if you have a record sales week, thank them for their part in it.

Reward Loyalty

Customers love feeling like they matter. Rewarding loyalty is a fantastic way of increasing return custom, word of mouth advertising and engagement. Rewards don’t need to be big, generally people just like free stuff. Offer a voucher for later in the year, a free delivery service, or a free gift wrap option for the holidays. Just make sure you let them know that this is a special offer, for loyal customers, that not everyone will have access to. Make them feel special.

Increasing engagement with your customers can help boost your reputation as a business that cares, increase loyalty and ensure return custom. It doesn’t take much, just spend some time thinking about ways to make them feel valued and be genuine.

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