Are You Paying Enough Attention To Client And Customer Opinion?

The answer is more than likely no. After all, why would you be? If anyone has an issue with your business, it’s not your fault, it’s theres. They can choose whether they want to buy your product or use your business. If they don’t, good riddance. One customer will not make or break a business. One customer will not determine whether a company is a success. But let’s stop right there because you have to remember that when it comes to client opinion, it’s never just one customer.


Did you know that 88 percent of customers online have admitted to being swayed on whether or not to buy a product by a negative review? Just think about how many sales you could be losing with that rather scary statistic. It could even be the reason why you business has failed to reach it’s maximum potential on the market. So yes, customer and client opinions are important. You need to listen to them, understand their issues and do what you can to resolve them. It won’t always be bad news, but you can’t bury your head in the sand when it is.


Open The Channels

The first step you must take is to make sure that your customers and clients know that you welcome their reviews, feedback and yes criticism. Every company should be willing to do this and should not shy away from the possibility of negative opinions. Indeed, businesses that open up channels in this way often have more positive customer reviews online. That’s certainly true for businesses like Peninsula. Peninsula business reviews are often extremely positive, and the company has determined it’s their encouragement of reviews that has lead to this reaction. They are not the only ones. Plenty of other businesses who have embraced reviews have reaped great benefits.


Is The Customer Always Right?

It’s fair to say that these days customers can complain, name and shame anything they want. Often, they have loud enough voices online to reach business owners like you. But should you always bend to their will? Is the customer really always right? You may have to start judging their complaints on a case by case benefit. Otherwise, you might find that customers have more power over how your business is run than you do. In a way that might make sense as surely, they know best what they want from your business.



There are two ways to respond to bad business reviews. You can respond directly to the individual who has put forward the complaint. Or, you can look for trends in negative reviews of your business and change the company accordingly. It depends on the situation. If you think one bad review is having a serious impact, it might be best to offer a direct response and reduce the damage.

You should be able to see now why it’s important to pay more attention to customer reviews and ensure that they do not damage your business.

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