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Thank you for stopping by my Blog site, here is a little about me.

Business: I currently work as an Innovation Director, working to bring impactful tech solutions to clients within WellBeing, Healthcare, Pharma, FinTech, Insurance, Utilities, Retail, Media, Home and those with “great ideas”.  If you have an idea for an App for your business – reach out to me.
Using React and React Native we are the number one team to talk to about creating exceptional user-centric experiences.

Prior to that I was in a Global team for IBM Digital Sales, where I created programs such as Digital Mastery, IBM OneScore, IBM Triumphs and CSA Learning Hub, (I do not expect them to mean much to you). Their purpose was to primarily driving the use of internal and external technologies to achieve better collaboration and engagement. In short, driving a huge sales strategy that is mostly referred to as #socialselling. I really enjoy helping individuals start their journey on creating their personal brand, becoming known and being found for their expertise. I have also been known to lecture at Universities on using social media for business, also contribute to Social Media Today and the IBM Social Business Insights

Personal: When I am away from the computer, some of my favourite things to do are being with my family, bowling, ice skating, amateur photography, gaming (especially Call of Duty MW2). I plan to add a few more things here in the near future, such as bee keeping and perhaps getting a few chickens.

“If you do something great, people will find it” quite simply that was never true.
Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth or a referral from someone you trust and nothing is more powerful at spreading word of mouth than Social Media.
We now have access to a vast array of social media tools that assists in the “hey look at this!” but until you explore these technologies, you have a tree falling in a forest, heard only by those nearby.

Ben Martin

works as the innovation director for a software development company.  You can follow him on Twitter @Social_Ben

Ben is an IBM Redbooks Thought Leader and a regular contributor to the IBM Social Business Insights Blog.
Contact me via Twitter or ben@benmartin.pro