5 Warning Signs That Your Business Is Overspending On Tech

Wherever there is a business these days, you can guarantee there is also technology. Computers, software, systems – every business owner has plenty of tech to use at their disposal. But is this always a good thing?

As I’ve covered before on this blog, there is a good, bad, and ugly side of tech. And with so much choice around right now, it can be easy to become a little purchase-happy. And all of it costs money, whether you like it or not.

So, the big question for today is – are you spending too much money on tech? Here are the warning signs that you have to look out for.

You use technology to look good

It’s all well and good buying the latest kit from Apple and turning your office space into a technological marvel. It looks great – sure – and your customers will be impressed at first. But looking good is one thing – being good is another. It’s less sexy, of course – but ultimately your customers want results. And they don’t care what equipment or systems you use to deliver those results.

You don’t understand the return on investment

There is no point using technology just for the sake of it. Every last piece of kit or software in your possession needs to do one of two things. It should either save – or make – you money. Or, it should save you time. If you are using software just because it is the next big thing, you are wasting both.

Your systems and equipment are too old

That said, it’s all too easy to go the other way and use old, geriatric machines and systems. The trouble with this approach is that you will never get anything done. Older systems tend to be slower, costing you in productivity. And, they need a lot more maintenance, which costs you excessive time and money. While you don’t need the latest, all-singing-all-dancing gear, you don’t want to be left behind the times, either.

Your network is flaky

Every service and system you use costs money. So, if you are experiencing constant server dropouts and slow Internet speeds, you are throwing money away. The Internet plays a vital role in your business’s performance, and you need a reliable provider that you can trust. Look into a dedicated server, cloud, or the colocation cost with other companies and find one that will do a proper job for your business. You may go to the website of companies like Privacera to find cloud services that can also help you ensure data compliance.

You never analyze

Of course, how can you tell if you are spending too much if you aren’t analyzing your technology’s performance? Robust, diagnostic testing is needed to ensure you are running everything at maximum efficiency. Look into doing regular technology audits, and have people on the lookout for newer, better alternatives. It’s also important to be more collaborative as a business. Your sales team and IT support team might not meet up right now. But if you give them the opportunity to collaborate, they are more likely to find better technology solutions.

So, what do you think? Is your business displaying any of these warning signs? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!  

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Posted November 29, 2016 by Ben Martin - Social_Ben in category Business

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