5 Things Every Online Business Should Know For 2017

Running an online business might seem like a walk in the park, but once you get into it, you realize there are many more aspects to it than you imagined. If you’ve got an ingenious idea for an online business and you want to make it happen, then you need to know that developing your business will take up a lot of time and expertise to get it right. It’s important to note that trends and unwritten rules of the World Wide Web change constantly and you need to be on top of your game constantly so that your business can thrive.

As 2017 has already taken full sway, we’ll talk about 5 things that every online business should keep in mind this year. Hopefully, these pointers will give you a nudge in a good direction so that you can further develop and improve your online business.

1.    Find Your Target Audience


One of the first things you have to determine before you start working seriously is to make sure you’ve got an audience for it. The Internet is vast and you will find a community for practically anything you can think of or even better, you can start one on your own and place your brand in the center of it. This is the beauty of internet – if you’ve got enough imagination, knowledge and a pinch of luck, you can create anything. Seeing that there are hundreds of online businesses going live every day, it would be wise for you to start small and then work your way toward a bigger audience. No matter how vast your niche is, you don’t have to for the big fish right away, do your best to attract smaller target audience that loves your product, and once you’ve nailed that you can move on toward higher goals.

2.    Your Website Needs to Be in Top Shape

This should really go without saying, seeing that the website is what makes or breaks your online business. When your potential customers come to your website, they’re stepping into your office, so if you want to impress them, you better be ready to constantly work and improve your site. You want your clients to move effortlessly around your website and find everything they need quickly. Ease of navigation, loading time, as well as the visual design of the “web office” is incredibly important, as it sets the tone for what your visitors can expect from you. You also want to have a mobile-friendly version of your website because more than half of all Google searches are done through mobile devices, plus it affects your SEO. We recommend constantly tweaking and finding ways to enhance your website – nobody responds better to innovation than the internet and its virtual citizens.

3.    Internet Security and Privacy


We can’t even begin to accentuate just how much of an imperative it is to have Cybersecurity Solutions at all times when you’re running an online business. Chances are that you will be managing a great deal of confidential information through your website, including credit card details and other sensitive data of your clients, not to mention everything concerning your business. It is paramount to have superb security software that will take care of any potential cyber trouble that comes your way. You should also be concerned about the internet privacy of your online business because surveillance can’t be avoided on the internet, but it can be sidetracked, if you’ve got a VPN. You may be asking yourself, why do i need a VPN? VPNs (virtual private networks) and proxies are able to encrypt all the data coming from your website and allow you to bypass cybercriminals trying to track your f ivities in an attempt of identity theft. VPN is probably the best tool for internet privacy that you’ll find and it’s not that expensive to use, especially if you opt out for a yearly plan that most good VPN companies offer. The security and privacy of your business are closely intertwined, so make sure you’ve got both aspects covered so that you can safely run your business in peace.

4.    Choosing the Right Tools

Like we’ve already mentioned a couple of times, having the right set of tools to help you reach your goals is vital and internet is more than happy to provide. Depending on what kind of business you’re running and how it expands, you’ll need the help of plugins, apps, and extensions to shed some light on what needs to be done. For your payment methods, be sure to get the best rates from top card payment providers. Having trustworthy accounting and payroll software will also be of great help to all business owners employing more and more people, while social media automation tools will enable you to keep your social media campaign on point (to a certain extent, after which you’ll need a human being to run things). One other sound investment is customer relationship management (CRM) software that was invented to make customer management and your life a whole lot easier. Work with a crm consultant to find the right CRM system for your business which can easily take care of marketing, accounting and many other aspects of your business that you should never neglect.

5.    Advertise, Advertise, then Advertise Some More


You need to put your brand out there for the world to see and there is no better way to do that than to advertise it. There are so many options to promote what you’re passionate about in 2017, and all you have to do really is take your pick. Of course, your advertising decisions should be directly affected by the fact where you’ll find your target audience – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or somewhere in between? Aside from social media, you want to be as present as possible on other popular websites of your niche, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with the people behind the prosperous online businesses and see how you can connect your brand with theirs. Conducting a successful marketing campaign is far from easy, but if done right, it can be a game changer for the business.

Whatever you’re setting out to do in your online business endeavor, don’t forget that it will take time to create a good reputation and public image for yourself, so patience is crucial. Don’t get too lost in daydreaming but get to work and slowly start to transform your ideas into reality. – Adam Ferraresi

Adam FerraresiAdam loves everything related to technology since he was five years old and it was that love that brought him into web development. Soon after he graduated from college, he got a job in Dallas working as a web developer and not long after that, he was recognized for his qualities as a writer. Presently, he’s a freelance writer for wefollowtech.com and is very happy because of it. In his free time, when he’s got any, he enjoys playing basketball and hiking.


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