15 Awesome Techniques for Efficient Time-Management by @DonnaANorton

Let’s talk about time management.

Specifically, about good and wise time management.

The kind that helps you get more things done during the day. The kind that allows you to know what plans or events are coming next. The kind that won’t let you waste a minute, even if something goes wrong or plans change.

There are many things that good time management skills can help you achieve, and they’re not that difficult to master and handle once you get the hang of it.

Even if at first it seems like only a professional could manage their time so well.

The key to successful and wise time management is to take into account every tiny detail of your daily schedule.

You also need to be well aware of your habits.

Why is that so important?

So that you know what could possibly prevent you from following your schedule.

Another thing you need to remember when building daily schedules is how difficult or time-consuming the tasks you’re going to complete may be. Being able to accurately assess the time you’ll spend on a particular task will bring you closer to time management perfection.

After all, time is the one resource that everyone relies on. And it’s always running out. Everything you do requires a certain amount of time. Even reading this text will take somewhere around a minute. Not to say that you’ll be wasting that time—it’s worth it. Especially after we let you know that there’s more to find out.

Below, you’ll find an infographic showing you 15 ways to manage your time wisely.

So consider the time you spend looking through it as a beneficial investment. Because after checking out this infographic, you’ll be able to manage your time like a pro—without having to worry whether or not you’ll have enough time to finish everything you were planning to do.


Contributed by Donna Norton @DonnaANorton

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