What Has Caused Your Recent Loss In Traffic?

Although it’s something that we’d all like to avoid, you may find that you experience a dip in traffic at some point. As much as this might frustrate you or even worry you, it is something that can happen. It can be a seasonal trend and not overly anything to worry about. If you know that you’re working with the right channels and you’ve not experienced any changes lately, then you should start to see an improvement soon. It may just be a natural dip that bounces back to your normal traffic levels soon. However, if you are experiencing a loss in traffic that keeps on dropping, you’re going to want to look into the issue and fast. So let’s take a look at five different things that it could be.

1. A Change In Strategy

One huge reason for why you may have seen a drop in traffic is if you’ve recently changed your marketing strategy. When you’ve been working with set tactics for a period of time, you will tend to see a regular stream of traffic as a result of that. Sometimes, we decide to change things up to try and boost traffic, sales, or whatever your marketing objective may be related to. But they won’t always give you the results you expect. Use this result to help you turn things around and keep testing to find out what will get you the results you were looking for.

2. SEO Issues

Next, you’re going to want to look at your seo. Maybe you’ve lost some links or your competitors have knocked you off the top spot? You may even want to discover more by working with an agency to help you. When you consult with an expert seo company, they can really analyze what has gone wrong and then propose a strategy for making a change. And, they’re going to take care of it for you, so it’s a win-win.

3. Demand

Earlier, we briefly mentioned that sometimes seasonal trends mean that your traffic will be down. And that’s only natural. But, you may also find that demand is down too. And this could be more of a long-term problem. So, you’re going to want to come up with a strategy to help you create that demand again, and increase your traffic while you’re at it.

4. A Lack Of Content

Have you been working on your content recently? Maybe you need to update your website to fix the issue. When you have a lack of fresh content, it may be affecting how you rank in searches or how many clicks you get from social. Even repurposing old stuff can be a great way to overcome this.

5. A Server Issue

Finally, if you think you’ve nailed all of the above and it can’t be any of them, maybe you’re having an issue with your server. This is something that you may need to take up with your hosting company, so you’re going to want to go directly to them and see if there is an issue that needs sorting on their end.

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Posted March 21, 2018 by Ben Martin - Social_Ben in category Business

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