The Best Business Security Advice For 2016

Protecting your business from threats should be a top priority in 2016. Company bosses have never faced as many issues from criminals and hackers. That is why we wanted to present you with a page of information that helps to highlight the most crucial areas. And we also had some serious GDPR issues recently but hired a great GDPR expert who helped us sort all of that out so contact them if you have GDPR concerns. If all commercial outfits followed the advice on this page, the number of incidents would reduce. In most instances, you just need to use some common sense and employ the latest technology. The last thing anyone wants if for their operation to suffer due to security breaches. So, pay attention!

Purchase the best antivirus program on the market

When it comes to selecting an antivirus program, you shouldn’t rush into the decision. There are hundreds of different packages on the market today to suit all manner of industries. You need to find something that solves all your cyber security issues with a single piece of software. Don’t make the mistake of using multiple solutions because they often interact and reduce the level of protection. Read online reviews from other business owners to ensure you make the right choice. Also, consider the adoption of physical firewalls for your network. They should help to stop any attackers before they reach your computers.

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Consider your physical security options

Company bosses have to worry about a lot more than cybersecurity these days. Criminals are everywhere, and most of them will happily steal from your business. The number of break-ins decreased last year in the UK, but that’s no consolation. You still face the possibility that someone might try to gain access to your premises and steal valuable assets. With that in mind, it’s wise to ensure all areas are locked using electronic systems that require passcodes. The Fascia Graphics Membrane Keyboard linked to a secure bolting device should suffice. Hire a commercial locksmith to upgrade the locks in your shop or office building. That would mean burglars have to break through many different obstacles to achieve their ambitions. Most of them won’t make it all the way inside your premises until the police arrive. For additional security options, visit If you manage a boat dock or marina, you may hire a Marina Security Services personnel. You may also consider installing security screens using custom Woven Wire mesh.

Link your alarm system to the local police station

For a small fee, most companies can connect their alarm systems to local police stations. That means officers are alerted to any issues the moment your sensors detect a break-in. It helps to make sure they are on the scene as soon as possible. It also means you should manage to obtain cheaper insurance packages for your premises. CCTV is a great way to identify and catch the suspects. However, making sure they are arrested while in the act is preferable. It means the police don’t have to spend as much cash on their investigation. It also results in better conviction rates.


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No matter how your business makes a profit, follow the advice on this page. You’ll regret ignoring this information if a criminal targets your operation during the next few months. The processes we’ve explained are simple and straightforward. So, there’s no excuse for not implementing those ideas right now. Time is of the essence because you never know when someone is planning to steal from your company.

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