Here’s How You’re Hurting your Own SEO Ranking

If you don’t have a lot of experience in SEO or if you own a business and you want to start achieving bigger and better results then there are a couple of things that you can do about this. The first thing that you need to do is know how you are currently hurting your SEO, so you can then make the changes you need to really go that extra mile. Deploying a white hat SEO strategy would be able to counteract that because it will yield positive results.

Content Issues

It is very difficult to try and get customers to visit your website page. When they do visit this website, it is your job to try and keep them there. Customers are always looking to try and find out information, and if your site is not able to provide it then they will quickly go to another site. Quality content really is rewarded and if you don’t put the time or effort required into your text then Google will punish you for it. If you want to get around this then take a look through your site, are you only offering information that is on a surface level? Can your customer easily find out what they need to know on another website? If so then you need to go through your site and make the whole thing much more informative, as this will really help your business.

Linking Issues

Google really does take notice if you plan out your site around spam links. It also takes notice if you take the time with your links and make sure that they are all great and high in quality- so this is an important concept that you need to understand. linkbuilding really is a huge part of content creation and it will help you to get your site ranked. If you are finding it hard to get the links that you need organically then don’t worry, there are plenty of SEO providers out there that can help you, like Herdl for example.

SEO Penalties

This is quite possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO. If your site is very difficult for your customer to navigate or if they can’t find what they need on your site then you won’t be providing them with a good experience. Look out for things such as a low word count, missing H1 tags or even poor images. Your site ranking really does depend on how useful your site is and if your site loads up very slowly then this is not a good sign. You need to strike the fine balance between having great and valuable content, with a speedy site. If you have too much content, your site will slow down and if you have too little then your site won’t be providing value.  For more on marketing services you should check now this blog post with a Comprehensive Guide To Contractor Marketing.

One way for you to get around this would be for you to try and research your competition so that

you can find out how much content they have and what they are providing to their customers. This is one of the best ways for you to plan out your own site and it can also help to give you some ideas as well.

In any article you post to your site, the first mention of the keyword matters the most, and then any subsequent keywords count for less and less towards your ranking. The drop off in the importance of following keywords is steep, so there really is no reason to keyword stuff for the purposes of SEO anymore.

Mistake #2: Having A Bunch Of Broken Links

Let’s suppose that you’ve written a beautiful, well-researched article with a bunch of links to your sources for the benefit of your readers. They’re merrily reading through your article when they stumble across a link reading “click here to look ten years younger.” Of course, half of the people reading the post will click to find out more.

The problem, however, is when that link is broken and the page on the other end fails to load. It’s annoying for your readers, and Google doesn’t like it either. In fact, Google will punish websites with lots of broken links to it’s a good idea to make sure that they are all in working order, learn about How to link buy.

Mistake #3: Cut And Paste Jobs

At school and university, plagiarism is a “crime.” Copying the work of another (or even yourself) was bad.

On the internet, Google takes a similar view. It doesn’t like copied content and will punish websites that it thinks are just reproducing content from authority sources. Needless to say, cut and paste jobs don’t work.

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