Can You Hear Me Now? How To Communicate With Outsourcer


Although some companies find the issue contentious, the majority of businesses outsource. Why? It’s because the standard is better and cost lower. Still, there are matters that mean hiring outside help doesn’t always work. Quite simply, the inside scoop is that you need to be able to communicate effectively. Otherwise, the people you hire won’t be able to hit their targets and deliver their goals. Anyone with communication issues will find this ominous, yet you can still get results by improving your skills. Here is what you need to know.


Outline Your Wants And Needs

There is a difference between wanting something and needing it. However, far too many businesses put them in the same basket and confuse their outsourcers. You should remember that there is only so much they can deliver. After all, they are only human. So, a good tip is to outline which features you must-have and which they must provide, and what can wait. Think about web design for a moment. Creative website development is essential to incorporate modern software features. The colour scheme, on the other hand, can wait because it isn’t hard to change.


Be Clear

Even if you think you are succinct, there is a chance the outsourcer won’t understand. And, rather than admit they didn’t get the point, they will nod and agree to save face. Of course, this is when problems occur because they don’t have a brief. With this in mind, be as clear and concise as possible. Speaking too much and overusing words is a sure-fire way to confuse your partner. Instead, leave the jargon at home and talk in layman’s terms. Also, raise your voice so that they can hear what you are saying.


Ask Them To Repeat It

If you are not certain they understand, there is a solution. The fix is to ask them to repeat what you said. Even though it doesn’t mean they get the gist, it does show they are listening. And, that is a good sign because most people switch off when they can’t comprehend a concept. Also, the way they repeat it will give you an indication. If they say it back word for word with confidence, they know what to do next. If they repeat it and sound shaky, there is a good chance they are unsure. Of course, you can quiz them to make doubly sure, but it might not go down well!


Stay In Touch

You are not pen pals who write to each other once a month. You are business partners who need to confer on a regular basis. Otherwise, you have to trust they will hit their targets without any proof. With semi-frequent calls, you can check-in and keep up to date with the process. There is no reason to hound anyone because they should be a certain element of trust. However, it isn’t wrong or unprofessional to email, talk on the phone or drop into the factory once a week.

Ultimately, the key to outsourcing success is communication, and you can become an expert with the above advice.


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