Activision: the hack – the ban – the theft

I enjoy gaming, my passion and all I play has been the Call of Duty franchise. I set up may Activision account back in 2012, so it’s been a while!

About three weeks ago my user name was changed from NRSilversurfer to Flawless, not by me. Yes, someone had logged into my account, and so my problems begun.

The first issue was, the email address I used to set the account up some twenty years ago was This domain no longer exists and having spent hours on the phone to TalkTalk it became apparent there was absolutely no chance of receiving any emails sent to that address. It had been erased from existence. This compounded my issue with Activision because any changes like password, email or associations had to been verified via an email sent to the TalkTalk address, yes you guessed it, I can’t access it. The only upside is that the person who had logged into my Activision account was also unable to make changes.

MW2 has been my outlet, my place for wellness and chilling. I logged in to play and saw the name change. Panic set in. How did this happen? Could I change it back? (found out I have to wait six months), My gaming persona has been by NRSilversurfer on TikTok where I have been building a steady following, how do I explain the change. The name is a bit pompous.

Then I started the journey with Activision support. I say journey it has been all one sided so far. I submitted several tickets, some wordier than others.

The other player continued to log in and play MW2 with my account. Why? Was it because of the level I had obtained, at the time of writing, 658. I can only guess. I attempted to communicate with myself through friends accounts. No response. I was able to boot them out of matches by logging in as me, though not consistently. Still waiting for support to get back to me. No doubt, if they did respond it would be to an email I can’t get.

A day or so ago , I logged in to find a notice telling me I have been permanently banned. WHAT?!

I, of course, submitted an appeal. This allowed more text so I summarised the above. This is now in review. I hope the respond to my new email I provided. The thought comes to mind how can the validate me. I can do this through the connected associations like Twitter, XBox, and personal ID. Let’s hope they are sensible. This appeal is still being reviewed. I’ll update you.

I have spend hundreds in COD on coins, skins, mods so if they don’t remove this ban, I will be sueing them for theft.

I will add, Activision is a consumer driven company, that provides absolute zero support structure. You really need to have something better in place. A start could be as little as an acknowledge of cases.

Have you had bad experiences with Activision support. Let me know about it in the comments below.

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Posted June 19, 2023 by Ben Martin - Social_Ben in category Customer Service

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