You Don’t Follow Me Back!

I often see tweets in my stream that word along the lines of “@soandso unfollwed me” or like this I saw today –

So what!

To be honest you telling me this is likely to make me unfollow you. Is this your ego or vanity? Are you hoping to build a reciprocal following, if so wheres the value in that? You followed them because something they said either helped you, educated  you or maybe their bio grabbed your interest right?

The question to ask is WHY are they not following you in return. Perhaps they do not see any reason too, yet…..

What are your thoughts……


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Posted June 12, 2012 by Ben Martin - Social_Ben in category Twitter

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1 thoughts on “You Don’t Follow Me Back!

  1. Marcus

    I often get random followers whose profiles don’t quite fit with me – either personally or professionally. I came to the conclusion that they are following me in the hope I would follow them back. It’s not a game I am prepared to play. It’s a more difficult question when they are actually a good fit with me, but I like to keep my Twitter feed lean and still wouldn’t automatically follow them back unless they are genuinely going to add value to me. Harsh but fair I think.


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