SocialBro – A Brief Review

I was introduced to this new Twitter tool yesterday “SocialBro” and to be honest stil playing with it. First impressions WOW, NICE, COOL.

So far the only things missing for me are (and perhaps I havent stumbled on them): URL Shortner, Scheduler.

But what you do get are some really cool features:

TimeZones of your followers: This is really important as will help you decide the best time to tweet with maximum exposure.

With just this information you can really understand when you can get the biggest impact for your message.

Then there are these tools:

Real-time: Will show you who is active right now and the language and apps they use to convey their messages.

Sync Influence Data: You can sort/view your friends by influence. Powered by PeerIndex

Best time to tweet: Demonstrated above, my favourite part so far.

Insights: Language, avatars (who has a photo who has an egg), profiles with URL’s

Monitor a Hashtag: Shows how many users in this hashtag community with Who you follow and who follows you

Analyise lists: Total members, who follows you, who you follow, topic cloud


So far so good, will it be my default tweet from application? No. Will become the tool of choice to understand my network.Yes

Let me know, what your thoughts are in the comments below

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Posted May 3, 2012 by Ben Martin - Social_Ben in category Social Media, Twitter

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I am a gadget man, a film lover, Husband and proud father and not least proud to be an IBM’er. Currently working across the globe helping seller to create better connections with clients through the use of Social Media. Please feel free to contact me if I can help I will. (my opinions are of course – my own)

7 thoughts on “SocialBro – A Brief Review

  1. bradgilmour

    First impressions are good and it seems like a cool tool, going to have a play about with it and will let you know how I get on. There definitely is some useful information that can be gained from using it.

  2. Hugh Leonard (@HughGLeonard)

    at first glance this brings a number of existing tools with similar functions together under one roof.
    Key benefit for me is having that level of information together in one place so I can make informed decisions on how I manage my network without having to cross check sources.
    Will it be for the casual user ? probably not as there seems to be a lot going on.I would think users might settle on a few of their preferred functions and run those from under the umbrella of the tool.But for a user trying to extract maximum benefit from their twitter network ? definitely worth trying this out.

    Downside, it requires a download for desktop chrome and desktop. I prefer my desktop applications to run straight away.Some functions do not process immediately so you are required to check back for results some minutes later.

    Just my initial impressions. given the number of functions will take some time to find an efficient way to navigate through what’s on offer. Might there be an app for iPad or Android once the beta phase is completed?

    1. Brenny Ganesan

      Hugh, I agree. This is definitely for the power user. I kind of like the download to be honest. In fact, I would be thrilled if they gave me a simple report mechanism that allowed me to create my own ad-hoc reports based on the db that they download to.

      The best part of SocialBro for me so far has been the ability to take reports and extract them in csv format. This is the second best thing to getting access to their db.

      For people like me who work in large organizations and want to share important people to follow, this is very valuable.


  3. Brenny Ganesan

    I’ve been playing with it for a few days now and I like it a lot too.
    I primarily was looking for something that allowed me to manage my followers and friends better. While a bunch of the other apps focus on managing tweets and streams, none of them allow you to manage your ecosystem (HootSuite, tweetdeck, tweetcast, etc).

    SocialBro is great for giving you insight about your followers/friends. I was hoping they’d allow a little more in terms of actually managing. I do like this ability of seeing friends/ followers by different slices, where you can decide whether to follow back, unfollow etc.
    The app promised a recent unfollows view ability and I haven’t figured that out yet.

    One peeve is that each time you use their follow/unfollow mechanisms you get this message that asks ‘Are you sure you want to do this? Twitter penalizes aggressive follow/unfollow’

    Great to see others are checking it out. Curious to see how you use it most.

  4. Doug Clark

    Great suggestion Ben – will have a rummage and see how it can help me. Thanks again for sharing your experiences! @cloudstuff


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