Using Social Media Apps To Figure Out Who Your Customers Are



If you’ve spent any time reading this blog, you’ll know the power of social media to help promote a business. Businesses, no matter how small, are going from strength to strength promoting themselves using social media profiles as a means to target their demographics.


By analyzing and identifying their metrics. It might sound difficult, but it’s really not. Users these will often happily hand over their information online in the development of these profiles. If you have the correct social media integration with your online tech solutions, you could be in for a world of positively useful demographic information.

But how can you best squeeze the most out of social media? By just hosting pages? That helps, but it isn’t the full solution. The following tips are:


This has been listed above, but it’s really hard to understate how important this is for your business. If you know who you’re selling to, you can directly target them as objects of your selling. A concentrated attack is always better than a scattergun approach. That might sound like aggressive business terminology, and it is. That’s the point. A business billboard isn’t aggressive. It ‘coaxes’ it’s viewers into finding out more themselves. Targeted advertising through demographic information using social media not only identifies your future customer, but it allows you to approach them directly. Imagine a salesman only knocking on the doors of likely clients he’s going to be able to sell to. You’d think he was a genius. Social media allows you to do that.

Advertising ID’s

Akin to targeting demographics, advertising ID’s are collected and formed through a consumer’s travel of the internet. Every search they make, every location they go, mostly every item they buy is cataloged through Google and collated into the relevant information that allows you to understand the buying habits of the person you’re interested in.

This sounds creepy, and it probably is. But it’s useful. See what packages you can use to effectively implement targeted advertising, and like the salesman who knows exactly who to sell to, you’ll be making money in no time.

Own-App Integration

If you haven’t already, it’s incredibly wise to develop your own app for greater business/customer interaction. Here you can get the best mobile app development cost estimate. Once you’ve done this, be sure to integrate social media support, so your customers can create logins through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This will allow you to access their basic information and have even more reliable metrics for demographics and advertising ID’s at the same time. Having an app will also help you communicate more effectively with your customers by having security features that help you identify who you’re talking to, and also implementing ease-of-access for your support staff.

Social media is here, and it’s here to stay. It’s the digital ‘reputation’ of the modern world. People often half-live through their social media accounts, and so neglected this from a business perspective is similar to ignoring half of your demographics through willful ignorance. Don’t be that kind of business owner.



20 Things You Should Share On Social Media | Jeffbullas’s Blog

20 Things You Should Share On Social Media

YouTube Videos reviewing products or showing how to construct a product for DIY
Photos of events, exhibitions and post them on Flickr
If you are a creative business and create images and art also put them on Flickr or other social media sharing sites
Audio recordings of your online videos put them on your website or blog
PDF documents of offline archived information that is appropriate to put online
Slideshare presentations
Infographics Webinars Podcasts
Music if you are a musician
Text format of your video blog posts
Microsoft Office Documents
Notes displaying keypoints from your power point presentations Newsletters
Press releases about your brand
News items about your company
Your Bookmarking such as Delicious, Stumbleupon and Digg Competitions shouldn’t be just advertised on traditional Mass Media but shared via social media ..have a look at Ford’s Fiesta competition
Share your humour.. mix up your serious content with some humorous photo’s, articles and even cartoons

Every one of these different types of content or “digital assets” can be published on multiple social media channels that are appropriate to leverage your content by world of mouth.

What content are you sharing on social media and can you do it better?

via 20 Things You Should Share On Social Media | Jeffbullas’s Blog.

Tactics That Will Help You Dominate Google

For years, Google has dominated the online marketing industry without as much as a backward glance. Even in 2017, the search engine giant is making changes to its functions to monopolise more power. Although this fact might make you think Google is going to have more power over you, that isn’t the case. Indeed, you can use the new modifications to dominate Google and become a marketing master. It isn’t easy, but it is possible thanks to the following tips. Implement these into your strategy, and you’ll be all over the electronic front pages.

Play The Long Game

The irony of becoming a Google master in the here and now is that it takes decades. There isn’t a quick fix, and the reason is simple: Google ranks age over beauty. Sure, you can tweak your site so that it is aesthetically astounding, but the G-dawg doesn’t care. What it does care about is the quality of your links, content, and the indexed age. Without these three components, your strategy won’t gather any traction whatsoever. The bad news is that it takes years to come to fruition, but if you start now you will get there quicker.

Content Is King

Scratch that because it should read ‘content is and always will be king.’ Some things evolve over time, as you would expect, and content is no different. However, what won’t change for a very long time is its importance in SERP. Simply put, Google trusts content more than anything else, and trust is a major player in its current algorithm. Now, the written word might not have the same impact as it once did, but they are other forms of content. Online video is the current king and one you should use to your advantage with short vines and social media links.

Experts Over Beginners

When all’s said and done, the algorithm that searches ranks sites wants quality over quantity. Obviously, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise because quality has always been the main man. However, some people don’t do the right things when it comes to producing quality throughout their site. What does this mean? It means you opt for beginners over professionals. Whether you need search engine optimisation experts or web design experts, you shouldn’t compromise. Okay, they are more expensive, but they the tricks of the trade. You, on the other hand, are only guessing and hoping you get it right.

Keywords, But Not Too Many

To rank highly, you will find it tempting to stuff your content with keywords. Although this seems like a valid option, it isn’t because of Penguin. Penguin is Google’s spam filter that finds sites with too many keywords and phrases and penalises SERP. Instead, you want to use them sparingly along with LSIs. That stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, and it ranks content which uses words and phrases that have close matches.

In layman’s terms, it’s a loophole in the system. But, it is something that Google doesn’t punish, so it’s fair game.


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The Secret to Crafting an Awesome Sales Pitch

The glory days of blind pitching are over—paving the way for a new way of doing things in sales and marketing departments everywhere. Much of the shift can be seen in how people are using online technologies to find information about brands, buy products and services, keep up with trends, and connect with people or communities. Customers are moving away from traditional sellers and are choosing to engage with companies that reach out to them in ways that are delightful and educational at the same time.

The 2015 State of Sales report, put together by Salesforce, offers useful insights in identifying key areas of concentration among global leaders when trying to close sales. The report found that sales companies are focusing on analytics, mobile platforms, customer interaction, team selling, and technology adoption. In brief, hard selling is out while incorporating technology into the sales process to enhance the customer experience is taking over far and wide.

The Nature of the Sales Interaction Matters

Indeed, the nature and level of interaction you establish with customers can very well define the kind of response you will receive from them. The difference between these modes of communication will determine the tactics and strategies you should use when pitching:

  • Email is a versatile communication tool that you can use to send a quick update, reply to customer correspondence, or sort out confusion or disputes with clients. Since sending emails is something that can be scheduled, it gives you room to edit your sales pitch and enhance your message for clarity, as well as give it a formal but still friendly tone.

    With emails, your voice or physical appearance doesn’t matter, so you have fewer things to worry about, and you can focus on communicating your message clearly. Plus, it’s the least obtrusive method of communication with your clients, which eliminates any nod to a hard sell.

  • Phone Calls are a quicker way to get customers’ attention and have an on-the-spot conversation charm. The response you get is immediate, and you can ask specific questions to help you find out the customer’s pain points.

    However, cold calls are a much more abrupt style of interaction, and since your prospect can’t actually see you, you’ll need to get past some barriers that are typical with clients receiving cold calls. Upon moving past this stage, however, cold calls can turn into warm leads that are far more receptive to your communications.

  • Face-to-Face meetings can both be a bane and a boon for salespeople. Your customer is sizing you up through your pitch, tone of voice, or physical appearance. Indeed, building a good first impression is crucial here, as it can make or break the sale.

    On the positive side of face-to-face meetings, friendly conversations help you get more up close and personal with your client. At the same time, you’re able to present yourself as a likable person through the use of tactics like positive body language.

Tips for Your Next Sales Pitch

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Your Business Could Easily Be The Best In The City

Opening a business in a city has its positives and negatives. You’ll reach more customers than you would have done if you’d simply opened your store or business in a small town, but you’ll also be dealing with far more local competition than if you’d opened your business in a small area. There are pros and cons, but you shouldn’t let the challenge overwhelm you. The big players in the game haven’t pushed out the need for smaller businesses in the city, as many people don’t buy into big corporate brands.


If you want your business to be the best in the city, you need to stand out from the crowd. Your brand needs to entice customers in a way that your competitors cannot, and that means you need to be showcasing the ways in which you differ from businesses similar to yours, rather than repeatedly boasting the strengths about which these other companies have already boasted. Here are some pieces of advice to help your company on its mission to be the best in its industry within your city, regardless of how small or large your organisation may be.



What are customers missing?

You need to know the city in which your business is situated. You need to know the people of this city and what they want. When you look at the local competitors within your industry, think about what they’re missing and then fill that gap in the market so as to appeal to your potential customers. Of course, the most vital element of this is that you’re filling a gap and offering a solution that people actually want or need, rather than simply offering something new for the sake of it.


You might be the only cake shop in the city which plays Michael Jackson on Sunday afternoons, but this isn’t likely to draw in too many extra customers (well… it might, but it’s not likely to make much difference). Becoming the only cake shop in the city to make unique cake-based sculptures of certain celebrities, however, might be a gimmick which would turn heads. You need to be confident. Consumers likely have so much choice within your area that you need to be offering something they can’t get anywhere else so as to definitely be the best at what you do.


Get your tech up to scratch.

Technology is vital within business. If you’re not using the fastest gear or software, you’re falling behind. You should be looking into using Cloud services to safely backup your data or reduce the need for as many servers on the premises, but company computers should also be updated fairly frequently in line with the latest models. You could look into companies such as Delta Comtech for IT support services as well, as problems will arise. You don’t want technology to let you down, given that every business relies on computers and the software on them for essentially every operation involved with the running of the organisation. Downtime or loss of data are two problems that could entirely ruin your reputation in the eyes of customers.



Online marketing.

Online marketing isn’t only useful for global businesses; your local customers will be using the internet to browse for goods and services that they need, which means your business needs to be using localized SEO to really stand a chance of competing with other companies within your industry. You need to get involved with local events and local media to stand a better chance of ranking highly in local search results. Get involved with your city.

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SEO Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

As everyone who has a business presence online knows, investing in SEO is vital if you want to success on the Internet. Without SEO, you are relying solely on luck to rank for those all-important keywords that describe your business and the products and services you sell. However, what you need to understand is that there are many, critical mistakes you can make with SEO that will, eventually, start costing you serious money.

In today’s guide, I’m going to take you through some of the terrible SEO mistakes made by many businesses new to the process. Read on to discover how to avoid this scenario, and ensure your ability to engage the search engines is intact. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.


You haven’t heard of mobile optimisation

If you aren’t optimizing your website for mobile devices such as phones and tablets, you will be punished by the search engines. Not only that, of course, but you will miss out on a lot of customers. As point out, well over half of all consumer searches are done on a mobile device, and if you take a desktop-only approach, you will not be appealing to any of these people.

You produce poor content

Your blog should be a vital resource for your customers, not something you barely pay lip service to. Google penalises sites that have poor quality content these days, so investing in better quality writers – or freeing up the time so you can create your own blistering content – will pay off. Interesting articles and information is what gets shared online, not the kind of 1-cent-a-word garbage you get from using content mills.

You chose the wrong SEO company

According to, there are many things that an SEO should give you – but false promises are not one of them. And make no mistake about it, the consequences of using a dodgy SEO company can be devastating. Sure, you might get some short-term gains, but if the firm you choose employs what is known as ‘black hat’ tactics, you will eventually get caught by the search engines. And that could mean your entire site is penalised – permanently – and can cause you untold problems. So, always do your research when trying to find an SEO company to work with your business. And also, make sure they are happy to share their working methods with you – all good SEO companies will do this.

You don’t ‘do’ local

If you are relying on local customers to provide a foundation for your business, you also need to rely on local SEO. As Google and the other search engines tweak their services, local is becoming more relevant. In fact, one in every five searches is already location-specific so you can see how many people you are missing if you don’t attempt to work out a local SEO strategy. And, as a final point, it’s worth knowing that almost half of those searches have a buying intent – which could prove incredibly invaluable to you and your business.


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9 Easy Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

The main goal of businesses for having a blog or website is using it as a platform for reaching out to more people and converting them into clients. It’s not enough that you are getting many visitors on your website, but the big question at the end of the day is if you successfully turned them into customers. If your conversion rate is low even when your site traffic is high, look into this matter carefully as this is where the growth of your business depends on.

There are simple ways on how to increase your conversion rate, which will also make your sales go up. One of these is making the navigation of your site easier. If your site is difficult to load and disorganized, visitors may end up leaving as soon as they reach your homepage.

Most people are busy and they don’t want to spend much time looking for things they need on your site. Remove unnecessary images or texts and make it easier for the audience to see what you have to offer. Speaking of the audience, make sure that you are attracting the right market and that you serve what they are looking for.

To help you get better conversion rate on your site, we prepared an infographic that shows more ways on how this can be done. The steps are easy to follow.

Check them out on our fun and useful illustration below, and start getting more clients.

9 Easy Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate (HowSBO)

Your Website Isn’t A Hit? These Are The Reasons Why

It takes a big person to admit their website is working. Seriously, it does. Lots of people like to kid themselves by finding excuses as to why the site isn’t a huge success. Let me tell you that this strategy will only make it harder to gain notoriety. Sites need a person in the driving seat that can spot mistakes so that they can find a solution. Only once the site is error-free will customers take notice start to visit more often. Here are a few of the mistakes that you might be making and how to put them right.


Not Using Video

What do you think when you think of social media? Facebook? Twitter? Of course you do because these are the two of the Big Three. However, there is one more you need to think about, and that is YouTube. For the past decade, YouTube has been the leader in everything video-related. Now that video-related content is taking over in 2017, it’s time to use the Google based company to your benefit. A site that incorporates video has two distinct advantages. The first is a share of the users which go on YouTube on a daily basis, and the second is the opportunity to go viral. Both are very lucrative for any individual’s or business’s website.


Forgetting To Test


Good sites implement new technology and platforms on regular occasions. But, what separates your site from the sites that work is testing. The number of people that test before they go live is a joke – the number is that low. When you think about the effect a broken feature has on the audience, there is no excuse not to try before you buy. After all, it’s not like it takes a lot of time or effort. Take a marketing ploy as an example. To see which tactic works best, you only need to tweak two pages so that the message differs slightly. Then, with the help of analytic software, you see which works best.



Unwilling To Generate Traffic

The ‘if you build it they will come’ theory isn’t going to work in 2017. The competition is too stiff for any site to have the time or the patience to test the theory. So, it’s vital you understand the importance of finding techniques which attract new visitors. There is a reason PPC and SEO works, and it’s because it goes out and finds the interested parties. You can’t afford to wait for them to find you because the chances are they won’t bother – they’ll go with whatever comes first.


Not Evolving To SEO

Let’s stay with SEO for a minute because it’s important. Frankly, its importance is central to the site’s success – that is how much it helps. What doesn’t help, though, is not adapting to the times because search engine optimisation doesn’t stand still. The best sites use the best SEO has to offer, and to do that they have to change tact depending on the era. In basic terms, that means doing everything from investing more time in your content to optimising visual content.


If you take care of these problems, the site will be a hit. That is certain.


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Making Your Website Profitable Again

Perhaps you had a relatively popular website in the past, or maybe you’ve just lost some customers and, as a result, you’re not getting as much profit as you’d like from your business. Contrary to what many people have been preaching, a business website is not a sure way of improving your business’s exposure and driving sales. Sure, you might be able to provide some information and you might even have the patience to setup an eCommerce platform to allow customers to buy you products. However, that doesn’t mean your website is going to be popular the moment you publish it onto the internet.



Is your website draining money or making you money?


Unless you have a well-trained financial advisor or you’ve had practice managing your books, you probably don’t have a clue if your website is actually making you money or not. Many online businesses actually gain most of their profit from sales, advertising revenue and even affiliate marketing. However, if you’re a local business with a physical location, then chances are you’re probably not relying much on the internet at all.


In times like this, you have to consider if your website is actually draining time and money, or if it’s actually a profitable addition to your business. The best way to do this is to use analytics. For instance, by tracking the number of users that visit your website and then monitoring if they actually buy something or if they go on to look at the physical location of your store. This is what’s called conversion rate. The idea is that you compare the number of unique visitors on your website to the number of people that actually bought something from your store.


With the help of a third party such as Lightbox CRO services, you could potentially drive your online sales with a mix of marketing, website optimisation and social media growth. It’s a complicated process which is why many companies offer a turnkey solution for your website troubles, and it’s always recommended to consult a third party before tackling the challenge on your own and potentially making it worse.



Rekindling interest in your website


One of the best ways to improve your website’s relevancy is to get involved with communities. For instance, if your website is based on a specific topic, such as a blog about cats or a website that reviews movies, then get involved with those related communities. For example, head over to a movie community and speak to people about the latest releases, subtly hint your blog and try to get recognised. If you’re working hard to expose your brand on social media, then you’ll have readers flocking to your website assuming you have a unique opinion about what you review.


If your website is a business one that sells specific products, then consider sending review products and samples to prominent bloggers, video content creators and even publications in order to get a review. The more you expose your business, the more profitable your website will become and the more likely you’ll get repeat customers.

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