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7 Tips for Using Technology in Employee Training

It is undeniable that technology changed training in more ways than one, mostly for the better. It makes training materials more effective, engaging, and accessible. In this article, we’ll talk about the different ways to embrace technology and incorporate it into employee training.

1. Take Training Online

Traditionally, training is conducted in a classroom set-up and led by an instructor. This is still common practice today, but for a new approach, online training is a good alternative. To do this, you need to use e-learning software. This training program will facilitate online learning. It provides modules that learners can access anytime and anywhere. Often, the lessons are available in bite sizes, making them easy to comprehend.

Ready to take your training in an online platform? Check out True Office Learningand see how they can help.

2. Use Virtual Reality

Fortune 500 companies like Walmart and Boeing are using virtual reality in their training programs. Productivity numbers and retention rates have increased as a result of using virtual reality. More importantly, this makes training more effective and engaging. It is a tool that has revolutionized worker education. 

3. Incorporate Gamification

Like with the use of virtual reality, gamification is another way to make training more engaging. Gamification and game-based learning can create better work environments. Specifically, they improve employee motivation to learn. It enhances the overall learning experience. This is a far cry from traditional training programs that are boring.

4. Use Social Learning Tools

In today’s digital era, using social learning tools is important in training. One of the best ways to do this is to have online forums and interactive chats. This will facilitate interaction among learners. It also helps in building a positive company culture and fosters a better relationship.

5. Provide Online Assessments

There are many ways to evaluate the effectiveness of employee training programs, and one of the best ways to do this is through online assessments. This gauges the strengths and weaknesses of the training. In the same way, it allows real-time feedback regarding the performance of the participants. They will immediately know how they are doing with the training.

6. Embrace Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Both artificial intelligence and machine learning are also transforming employee training programs. It provides a new way to teach employees about their job responsibilities. It is also a great onboarding tool and a great way to deliver cohesive training experiences to new employees. It can be used by the management to coach its human resources.

7. Use Digital Whiteboards

These are like traditional whiteboards, except that they have more functions and features. These are digital spaces that instantly transform into text whatever is written on the board. It also helps to connect employees who are working in remote environments.

Take advantage of innovative technologies to level up your employee training programs. From e-learning software to social learning tools, take advantage of novel approaches to inform and educate your employees.

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Why Existing Customers are So Important


The biggest portion of customers that visit your store or website will do so just one time, and in fact, some estimates put this at around the 80% mark. All the hard work that goes into marketing your brand, and the outlay involved in driving traffic your way, and then many of them turn into a one-off hit. It can cost 5 times as much to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. Research also shows that you will make higher profits by retaining the customers you already have compared to taking on new ones.


Although, of course, new customers are important to your brand, so is taking care of the loyal buyers you already have. The probability of selling to a new customer is between 5 and 20%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60 and 70%, and they are likely to spend more. So which is the most important? They both are in their own way but there are advantages to keeping the customers you already have.


Relegating Sales Duties


When a new business starts, it will often be the owner that deals with customers. There are not so many in the early days and it is much easier to build a relationship with them. However, as the business starts to grow this becomes unsustainable. There are only 24 hours in each day, and only so many customers an owner can deal with.


Those early customers are likely to stay loyal, as the personal touch they received will not be forgotten. However, at this point, you will need to take on employees to handle the extra customers, and you will need to train them to be a personable with the customers as you have been.


You may well feel that no one will sell the brand as well as you do, and that may well be right. You cannot expect your staff to win over every enquirer but a process that enables you to start scaling sales enables for that to happen, and you should just be looking to get your fair share of conversions. This may take some time and effort, but it will be worth it.


If as the owner of the business, you never do anything else other than sales, you will be restricting the growth, as there are other tasks you should be doing such as dealing with suppliers to ensure you are getting the best deals.




When you have created a loyal customer base they are almost like a free form of advertising. They will become advocates of your brand and recommend you to other potential customers. Past research has shown that consumers will more likely buy from a brand that they have been recommended to than one they know nothing about.


Word of mouth can create you a lot of new sales, and as those new customers become loyal too, it has a knock-on effect of even more recommendations.





Consumers that have been buying your products for some time are far more likely to give you feedback, good and bad. They will not be so concerned about picking up the phone or emailing you and telling you about a problem with something they have just received. Having feedback from loyal customers like this is invaluable, as it lets you correct any problems that a new customer may encounter, which can stop them buying from you again.


Good feedback is also great, as then you know there is something you are getting right.


Paying The Price For The Service


Long-time customers are less price conscious, as they will trust your brand and know that they are receiving a high-quality customer service. Often, when they see a similar product at a lower price, they will still pay you the premium because of the trust and service factors. It is sometimes thought that if it costs less it must be of an inferior quality, and of course, that could well be the case.


Less Marketing Costs


As it costs much less to retain existing customers, you may be able to reduce your marketing budget. This could then be extra profits for your business or could be passed on as a price reduction in the form of a special offer, free gift or loyalty bonus to your existing loyal customers.


Simple things like sending them a calendar before the start of a New Year can mean so much toward their continued purchasing of your brand.


Caring about your existing customers is vital to the continued success and growth of your brand, and letting them know they are more than just a number will be a huge help in retaining them.


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Workplace Harmony: Tips For Small Business Owners

When your small business has progressed to a point where you are ready to hire employees, it is essential to think about the workplace culture, environment, and overall harmony that those employees will work in. After all, your staff will spend around 40 hours per week in the office, and there is an onus on you as a business owner to ensure that their working experience is as pleasant as it can be.

Over recent years, what constitutes a good working environment has changed somewhat. Once, a business would be considered to be doing well if they provided a pleasant office layout, invested in comfortable chairs, and provided necessary on-site facilities such as a kitchen. However according to experts like Bob Bratt, businesses are now expected to expand their remit, with unconventional workplaces such as Google leading the way as the new normal.

However, whether you believe ping pong tables in the office are essential or not, there is one critical element of a good workplace that has remained consistent throughout the years: the need for workplace harmony.

This Interview with Kurt Uhlir at Showcase IDX will help you to to improve your business skills.

What is workplace harmony?

Workplace harmony is a catch-all concept that describes how well a workplace functions, and how happy the people working there are, the personal injury attorneys at Carlson Meissner Hart & Hayslett, P.A. can help by providing a few tips which will work in producing a harmonious workplace, productivity is higher, as is overall staff happiness. They will also make sure that as an employer you have the right legal practices being followed in your company for better results. 

What constitutes good workplace harmony?

Interestingly enough, what makes a workplace harmonious is rather difficult to pinpoint, and perhaps the single biggest factor is, simply, the absence of causes of disharmony. Essentially, by minimising the factors that can cause bad workplace harmony, you naturally create good workplace harmony as a result.

What are the disharmony factors you need to eliminate?

There are a number of issues that can greatly impact the harmony of a workplace, so it’s advisable to investigate and rectify these in turn:

  • Disagreements between colleagues are among the biggest influences on workplace disharmony, and it can proceed to the point that it becomes bullying or even harassment. This is a serious issue that needs addressing head-on, as the last thing that you, or your employees, need are to experience disputes severe enough to require assistance from an employment law attorney to resolve. If you identify issues developing between two or more employees, then separate them as far as is possible, and potentially explore mediation options that can help get them back on the same page.
  • A lack of empowerment can also influence workplace harmony; employees need to feel that their contribution is important, that their work is valued, and that they have the ability to make their own decisions. There are some great tips for empowering your staff here, all of which could greatly benefit the overall workplace harmony of your business.
  • A poorly-designed office space can also be damaging to harmony, especially if the layout of the office prevents employees from communicating with one another effectively. It’s well worth asking your staff how they feel about the overall office design; if they’re unhappy, then work with them to improve it.

In conclusion

With a harmonious working environment for your staff assured, you should be all the better equipped to ensure a high level of achievement from that staff, which according to experts like Andy Defrancesco, should greatly contribute to your chances of sustaining a successful business.

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Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Business Owner? Key Skills You Will Need

Do you want to be the boss? When you run your own company, you don’t have to answer to anyone. You can run things the way you see fit, and you get to reap the rewards of the profits earned. However, not everyone is cut out for the job. Before taking the plunge with your first business venture, decide if you have the following skills. If not, you may need to work on them!



Good communication

Communication is everything in business, even more so when you’re the boss. If you’re serious about going into business, you need to work on your communication skills, you should be able to speak clearly and confidently to people from all walks of life. You need to be persuasive- you can encourage others to help you achieve your vision by demonstrating it’s advantages, and pitching ideas in the best possible way. You need good communication skills, and be pleasant and affable when it comes to dealing with customers. Your written communication also needs to be excellent. Thankfully, these are skills that we can work on and improve- and it’s something proactive you can do before establishing your company. Things like public speaking, networking and other events and classes are fantastic for personal development and are also



Research has shown time and time again that being a stern boss doesn’t improve worker productivity. Quite the opposite, it can contribute to stress and actually decrease workflow. As the boss, you need to be able to empathise with your workers. Being able to understand them and work out what will make their life comfortable within their roles in turn will allow them to do their best work for you. Be kind and understanding if they approach you with problems, and be prepared to look for solutions that suit everyone. Of course, you will need to maintain professional boundaries, but being the kind of boss that people feel comfortable speaking to will benefit both you and them. Workers might approach you to tell you about issues that could have otherwise gone unnoticed for a long time. You will be made aware of things like workplace bullying and harassment that could be problematic for your business. Empathy is an unexpected skill that an entrepreneur needs


The ability to delegate

As the owner of a company, it’s tempting to want to try and do everything. Perhaps as a way of cutting costs, or maybe because you don’t want to trust others to do the job. But it’s not the way to go as the boss, you need to be able to delegate. Hire a good workforce you can trust, and then assign out the work according to employees skills and experience. Don’t hold the weight of the world on your shoulders, good delegation helps to boost productivity. For most entrepreneurs, the end goal is to have a business that runs without too much input without them so finding a good workforce and assigning out tasks correctly is essential. The last thing you want is to be micromanaging, it’s bad for your stress levels as well as your employees. Decide on what your tasks will be and stick to them. You will want to make bigger decisions, such as finding a web designer when setting up a new business or hiring staff. But for the day to day runnings, hire employees you know will do a good job and then allow them to do so.



Last, but most definitely not least, to be the boss it makes sense that you need good leadership skills. When you have a team of people working for you, they will be looking to you for guidance and you need to be able to do this properly. Work on thinking strategically, develop a vision of where you want to be and decide on a plan of action to make this happen. Be confident in yourself, your ability and your decisions, this confidence will reflect to your employees who will then put their trust in you as a leader.


It’s not to say that some people are born leaders, and everyone else is destined to follow. However, some people definitely have an advantage. If you don’t feel like you’re a natural leader then work on developing the above skills. Not only will it help towards your own self development, but if you go ahead with setting up a business then it will help enormously with this too.


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Virtual Business Vs Premises: Pros & Cons 100%

With companies such as Basecamp and Zapier proving that virtual businesses can be just as successful and reputable as office-based companies, it’s difficult not to consider the pros and cons of each option. As a business owner or a young entrepreneur – or maybe someone who is still in the process of launching their first company – it can be difficult to choose one working environment over another. When you embrace the potential of an office, you can create a workplace that communicates your vision and personality to your team. An officeless existence requires different communication strategies to establish the necessary feeling of belonging.

While there is no right or wrong answer, it’s essential to understand that not all companies or business structures can perform with equal results in both environments. In fact, you can’t ignore how your internal culture and overall productivity will be affected by any choice. Here’s a short breakdown of the kind of teams and business owners who work best in each constellation.



Working in a real office engages your team

For local businesses and companies that operate in a face-to-face environment with clients and partners, a physical address with an office enables you to physically bring your team together. In fact, you can quickly develop team-building strategies that can be applied in the workplace, such as implementing a buddy system for new hires. Additionally, you need to create an engaging and dynamic atmosphere which, depending on your work structure, can be part of your team-building approach. Indeed, activity-based workstations can keep your employees open to new projects and encourage them to collaborate. However, offices tend to require regular maintenance and decor renovation to remain relevant and create a positive ambience. For instance, it’s best not to keep your furniture longer than necessary – in fact, you should keep a Magenta self storage solution to make sure you can regularly change your decor elements. You can store the items you don’t need anymore until you sell them. As a rule of the thumb, running an office is expensive, but it’s a practical solution for every company with a client-facing protocol.


My virtual office offers international talent access

In comparison, you don’t need to worry about cleaning and decor when you run a virtual office. The lack of premises can save you a lot of money when it comes to maintenance management. However, you need to make sure that your IT systems always deploy the latest and safest technology. Without a physical address, your office is digital, and you need to look after it. A common mistake of digital businesses is to assume that everything that is online is accessible – as a result, their business plan lacks research and strategy, which causes 90% of virtual businesses to fail within 120 days. You need a clear strategic line of action to survive! It would be harmful to assume that an inexpensive setup is synonymous with rapid success. However, virtual businesses are in an excellent position to attract international talent looking for flexible working options. All-in-one, virtual companies are best suited to startups, small companies and service, and IT providers.


The bottom line is that, as a business owner, you need to be aware of the advantages and risks of each setup. Be careful to ensure that your business structure matches your office situation. Physical premises need their team to feel part of the company; virtual offices value flexible collaboration.


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Here’s How You Ensure your Own Business Success

Running a business is not easy to say the least. After all, you have to think about how you are going to establish your company and you also need to think about your funding, your customers and even your employees as well. If you want to give your business the highest chance of success then you can find out whatever you need to know, right here.

Have a Written Plan

If you don’t have a plan then your business idea will only be a dream. You don’t have to write a full book here, but it does help to have a few pages that will help you to outline any specific objectives that you have. You also need to try and outline any strategies that you have and any money that you need to set to one side. When you have done this, you can then have a clear idea as to how you are going to progress into the future and you can also work out how you are going to achieve your goals as well. if you do not have a written plan then you will not be able to get to where you need without compromising your business. Of course, when you do have a plan, you need to make sure that you don’t follow it 100%. Sometimes you may need to divert from your plan in order to achieve the goals that you have set out, and this is completely normal.


Delegation is so important. So many employers micromanage their team instead of delegating to them and this can make it even harder for you to get any job done. You need to stay on top of your organisation and you also need to make sure that you are putting the work in to try and make sure that every employee has the resources they need. This may mean investing in additional training and it may also mean spending more money on certain departments but either way, it is well worth it. When your employees are able to work seamlessly alongside your business, you will achieve so much more in the day and you may even find that you are able to operate much more efficiently as well.

Hiring the Right Team

If you do not have the right team working by your side then your business will never be as successful as you want it to be. If you want to get around this then consider looking into a recruitment firm similar to the ones at If you need construction labour hire then they will be able to source the finest employees for you and this can save you a lot of time. Of course, it’s not just the qualifications that you need to look out for, because you also need to take into account their personality and whether or not they are going to work with the business structure that you have. After all, you could have the most qualified team around but if they do not work well with one another then they won’t be doing your business any favours and this can have a huge impact on your success.

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Protecting Yourself as a Freelancer

When you think about the majority of large organisations, they all invest a fair amount of energy in protecting their interests, for instance, most retailers will have a loss prevention strategy that reduces theft from consumers (and employees) whilst the majority of professional companies will have professional indemnity insurance to protect their interests in the event of a claim being made against them.

Freelancers, on the other hand, tend to have a more amateur paradigm when it comes to protecting themselves which is perfectly reasonable, yet they leave themselves wide open to the same risks many large companies do – such as the risk of a negligence lawsuit being filed for work they’ve undertaken which is not considered up to scratch.

The majority of freelancers tend to learn from their mistakes, in receipt of reasonably tough experiential lessons – yet as with most things in life, prevention is often better than cure, and therefore it pays to have some prophylactic measures in place to protect yourself as a freelancer.


There are a number of risks you must protect your computer from, as mentioned by the Top 10 IT Firms in Chicago, which is likely the engine room of your entire freelance set-up… risks such as virus attack, data loss, theft and accidental damage – all of which could render you unable to work and/or losing substantial digital assets you’ve poured sweat, blood and tears into creating, to just vanish.

The best antivirus software for windows 7, for instance, is in high dispute whereas protection for Mac computers tends to be a less debated topic on the basis they are known for being more resilient to viruses and the like.

When it comes to protecting your computer, one of the most sensible things you can do is insure it against all risks, yet this won’t usually result in the precious data being recovered, which is often what people value the most. On the other hand, if you do have any important data that you need to be completely deleted from your device, it’s safer to ask an it disposal company to do that for you.

Therefore, it’s imperative you back-up regularly, and whilst everyone screams this from the rooftops, it’s interesting how many people have not backed up their computer for ages, and kick themselves if their device is taken.

With regard to damage, people always imagine it wouldn’t happen to them, as they are too careful – yet, accidents do happen and sometimes they aren’t even our fault.  It’s therefore important to rely on insurance and regular back-ups to protect your computer, rather than a misplaced faith that nothing can go wrong.


The most important aspect of your freelance organisation is not your marketing, your equipment, your service or product – it’s you.  As a freelancer you are at the heart of your organisation and therefore, looking after yourself is imperative to protecting your business.  

The challenge, unlike employment is that if you get sick, you aren’t usually able to make money as most freelancers are trading units of their time in return for money – meaning if they stop trading units of time, they stop receiving money.

Therefore, as a freelancer, it’s much more imperative you look after your health, as there is no safety net to fall back on unlike employment which tends to pay sick pay.


You might not feel you need insurance, as a freelancer, yet if you are providing a product or service then it’s a good idea to look into relevant insurance such as public liability and professional indemnity protection.

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Process, Process, Process: How You Can Get It Right In Your Business

Starting a business can be such an exciting time for any budding entrepreneur don’t you think? It is a time where you get to see how much you can thrive, how you can build something from nothing into a success and to be proud of your achievements. But, so many businesses can fail in their first year and often that can be down to a lack of process and attention to detail. I wanted to share with you some of the processes you may want to incorporate into your business to ensure that get things off on the right track.



Process when it comes to manufacturing


Not all businesses that are started will have an manufacturing element to them, useless of course, that is your business or you decide to manufacture your own products. But, this could still be a possibility for the future. Manufacturing requires precision and detail, especially when it comes to the machines you use such as non contact measurement systems. Having the right process in place for the manufacturing line, as well as enduring that any risk assessments are done is an essential part of this side of your business.


Process when it comes to marketing


Marketing is an important part of your business as this is what will essentially help your business be seen in the mass market. You could choose to focus on the digital side of things, which is the way many businesses are going these days. A strong social media campaign teamed with a responsive website are two key ingredients to ensuring that you put the right process in place.


Process when it comes to handling employees


You also need to ensure that you have some form of process in place when it comes to handling employees. A business may just start out with just you and your ideas, but if you take the right steps it will soon grow. This means that you need to start thinking about how treat your staff, the working conditions and having a responsibility for their health and safety when they are in your workplace.


Process when it comes to your own work ethic


We can all get a little complacent at times, but when it comes to your business you really need to ensure that you have process in place for your own work ethic. How do you remain focused? How do you remain calm and collected in tough situations? Knowing what works for you will help you to develop your own process for when times get tough or when you need to ensure that you do all that you can.


Process when it comes to the day to day running of your business


Finally, make sure there is some sort of process in place for the day to day running of your business. This could be things like sales or general meetings daily. It might be stock checks or website audits. Even looking through insights on things like social media to ensure that you are getting the best possible reach for posts.


I hope that these tips will help you put the right processes in place for your business.

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Safeguard Your Business With These Smart Strategies

No one wants their business to fail, but many still do. In fact, at least half of all small business cease trading in the first year they are started. However, you can safeguard your business from possible failures by using the strategies below. Read on to find out what they are.

Protect your business from unexpected problems.

The world we live in is not always predictable, and things happen that we just don’t see coming in the business world. Luckily, there are ways that you can protect your business form the effect of this. In particular, taking out the correct insurances can get your company out of a tight spot if anything was to happen.

Most businesses need to consider el insurance services which cover them if an employee is injured or harmed on their premises. Then there is professional indemnity insurance that will cover the legal and compensation costs if your business is sued by a customer that has lost money from an error or omission you made.

Of course, there are other types of insurance as well that relate to different businesses, so be sure to do your homework thoroughly, and get as much coverage as possible.

Ensure they you have a stable revenue stream.

Next, if you wish to safeguard your business investment from failure, you will need to come up with ways to secure a stable revenue stream. What this means is that from month to month you will want a minimum amount of money coming into the businesses, and that’s why people also like to invest and do trading to make money to invest on their business as well. If you need help in making the right investment, articles such as SOL Global Announces Investment in Cannabis Data and Compliance Solutions Company Fyllo would definitely be beneficial to you.

There is no question that the UAE is becoming the hub for the investors in the middle east. It’s becoming important to find brokers like in aForexTrust to trade through with regulated, licensed and trustworthy brokers or trading companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Happily, there are lots of ways to doing this from marketing to expanding into other markets and even globally. You might also address this is in your business model itself, just like subscription businesses do by ensuring they have a regular income for a certain amount of time. Something that can negative revenue stream problem before they even occur.

Recruit and keep the best people.

People are vital, and in business, the right employees can mean the difference between success and failure. With this in mind, it’s critical that your recruitment process is robust and weeds out any untenable and undesirable candidates at the very beginning. You’ll be able to do so with efficiency if you seek out companies that offer human resources services.

It’s also important to offer excellent salaries and reward packages, as well as to keep an eye on company culture, as well as promotion and training opportunities for those that are already working for you. This is because it is these things that help people to be most satisfied with their jobs so they will help you to retain them in the long term.

Listen to your customer base.

Lastly, if you want your business to fail, just do your own thing and don’t listen to what the people that are paying you think. However, if you’re going to avoid failure, it’s a pretty good idea to listen to your customers as much as possible, and act on what they are saying.

Listening to what your customers have to say is pretty important if you want to avoid failure.

To that end, providing plenty of opportunities for customers to contact you and review the services and products you provide is essential. Luckily, with modern tech like chat boxes, email, social media, and review sites, this is pretty easy to do, and when combined with the other tips above can help to safeguard your business from possible failures.

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It’s Time to Make Your Business Fit for the Future

What does the future mean to your business? It is something that you’ve give much thought to yet? If not, it’s time to change all that right now. You will need to make sure that your business is prepared for the future and what it might hold because if it’s not, it could get hit by changes that topple it. That’s not what you want to happen, obviously, so what should you do to make sure that your business is fit for the future? That’s the question we’re going to try and answer right now.

Prove Your Worth to Existing Customers

The first thing you need to do is sure up your support amongst existing customers because if these people start deserting your company, you will really struggle in the future. So you need to find ways of proving to these customers that you can still offer them something important and something that they can’t get elsewhere. It’s up to you to prove those points though.

Automate What You Can

Automation is going to be a huge part of the future of business. And it’s one of those things that some people have already been very quick to adapt. Everything from payroll systems to moving large items can be automated, and plenty of other things will be possible with automation in the not too distant future.

Learn From the Failings of Other Businesses

Plenty of other businesses have tried and failed before yours, and you should do your best to learn from other people who have been found out and failed as a result. You want to avoid making the kinds of mistakes that have led other business similar to yours towards failure.

Upgrade Your Team’s Computer Skills

This is one of those things that’s not going to decrease in importance any time soon. If you feel like your team is lacking in certain basic computer skills, this could be really slowing your business down and stopping you from achieving all the things you want to achieve. You can upgrade these skills with Wise Owl Training if you want to. It could be just what your employees require right now. If you need computer guidance mira esto.

Track Where the Customer Demand is Heading

Customers don’t stay the same forever, and what they want from a business like yours is not going to stay the same for very long either. You need to get better at tracking the changing needs and demands of your target customers. That way, you can spot trends and predict where customer demand is heading. It’s important to give this some thought if you want your business to remain active.

If your business is not properly prepared for the future, it’s going to start struggling sooner or later. So make sure that you’re able to move with the times and keep appealing to customers, no matter what other changes are going on around you in the market. If you keep pushing your business to change in the right ways, you should be fine.

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