Will Outsourcing Work? How To Make The Right Calls For Your Business

If you carried out a quick Google search for the pros and cons of outsourcing, you’d quickly discover that this is a fairly contentious issue. For every advantage, there seems to be a downside. In modern business, it can be tough enough to survive as it is without having to deal with the fallout of making the wrong outsourcing choices. If you’re considering working with external companies or agencies, here are some tips to ensure you make outsourcing work for your business.


Knowing what to outsource

This is the most important consideration for any business owner that is toying with the idea of hiring external help. There are certain elements of any business that lend themselves to outsourcing and some golden rules to bear in mind when it comes to keeping certain aspects of the business on-site. Generally speaking, it’s wise to avoid handing over control of anything that involves direct contact with customers and anything that is absolutely vital to the day to day running of the business.


Before you make any decisions, have a look around you and think about the skills and talents you have on the team. If there are obvious gaps, weigh up your options. You could hire members of staff, or you could consider working with freelancers or outsourcing tasks that are related to those skills to an outside company. Do some number-crunching, and think about the size and scale of the project. If you’re taking on a temporary job, you probably don’t want to be adding members of staff on permanent contracts to the payroll. If you’re talking about something that is ever-present, such as IT support, it’s worth getting in touch with an IT company and looking into managed services if you don’t want to recruit a tech team. It’s also beneficial to outsource tasks that will increase your efficiency but aren’t related to the inner workings of the business. Many businesses choose to outsource cleaning and janitorial services, for example.


Choosing the right companies

It’s always worth remembering that it’s unlikely that any external company will care about your business as much as you do. Having said that, it is possible to find agencies and other businesses that will do a brilliant, professional job for you. Don’t rush into making agreements and signing contracts before you’ve considered a few different options. Read client testimonials, have a look through portfolios and examples of previous work, and meet with representatives. Go for a company that offers that personal touch and a tailored service. You wouldn’t recruit members of staff who you didn’t feel were up to the job, so try and adopt the same strict approach with external companies.

As a business owner, you may come up against challenges or encounter jobs that you don’t necessarily have the skills or the inclination to deal with efficiently and effectively. If you can’t handle everything under one roof, outsourcing can be an excellent solution. Just make sure that you think about what to outsource and that you check the credentials of external agencies carefully.

How to Run Your Home Enterprise in the Most Efficient and Lean Way Possible

If you’re an entrepreneur who runs a business from home, one of the main things that you should be focusing on right now is efficiency. You don’t have a big business machine behind you, so this is something you will have to take care of alone. It can be difficult to get it right. But it certainly can be done. Here are some of the ways in which you can make your home enterprise more efficient and lean than it is right now.


Keep Things Small and Simple

For a start, you should try to keep things as small and as simple as they possibly can be. If you don’t do that, you will find that your business is overwhelmed by methods and ways of working that frankly aren’t necessary. So, you should take real steps to simplifying things. There is always a tendency to think that bigger is better when you’re running a business. But that kind of mentality and approach can actually do more damage than good, so it’s important to be careful. It’s something that you will really see benefit from.


Make it Easier For You To Communicate


Communication is a big deal for any small business. If your business does not communicate properly with suppliers, business partners, customers and clients, that will massively damage your business. You should try to ensure that your communication methods are modern and up to scratch wherever possible. For example, you could use VoIP to cut down on phone costs and bring your communication methods up to date. Invest in fast internet connections too. This will be massively important.



Get Your Paper and Digital Files Sorted


This is an issue that can bog down many small businesses. You no doubt have paper files and documents that you make use of. However, you also need to make sure that they are stored and organised in the right kind of way. Things can get very chaotic very quickly if that’s not the case. That’s not something that you want to happen, so it’s up to you to address this issue sooner rather than later. A document management system could change things massively. That might seem strange, but it’s true.


Don’t Think That You Have to Follow the Lead of Bigger Businesses

Many people who run small businesses from their homes mistakenly think that they have to follow the lead of what other companies are doing, but that’s one of those things that is simply not true at all. Your business is unique, and what’s right for Apple or Google is not going to be right for you. Don’t try to emulate or imitate the companies that you admire most, not yet anyway. When you are growing and expanding, then you can look to those companies for inspiration and guidance. But go your own way for now.

Your home enterprise is going to struggle, just as small businesses always do. So, don’t make your job of finding success any harder than it needs to be.

Make Like A Tree And Branch Your Digital Marketing To Get The Green

When it comes to effective digital marketing, it’s very easy to get caught in the hype of a certain discipline in particular. There’s no doubt that people are finding new ways to effectively spread your online presence all the time. But sticking to one path alone isn’t going to be enough. You have to learn to fight the battle from every side if you want to win. Here are a few of the different methods that will help you achieve online supremacy.


Your home

Having some kind of permanent home on the internet is crucial. Some smaller businesses will create a page on Facebook to this end, but if you want your brand to stand out in any way, then web design companies like massive.co.uk might be an essential friend to make. A website allows you complete control over the visual design and the message of your brand. You can use it to answer common questions, to give customers direct access to product and service information, to showcase your work. A website can be as versatile as your brand demands compared to just setting up a presence on a social media site.

Your friends

That’s not to say that social media isn’t also key to mastering digital marketing. The online world is a social one. If someone sees something they like, they might have half-a-dozen ways to share it. By creating and curating content for social media, you can tap into that share-happy nature of internet denizens and have your brand reach even more people. But people will also pay attention to who’s following you and how many followers you have. To many, this can serve as positive social proof of a brand worth paying attention to.

Your info

Speaking of content, telegraph.co.uk is just one of the many proponents of creating a business blog to host your very own content. Content won’t just help you keep customers returning and please them with interesting and informative copy. Content can be a way to rope in new visitors and expose them to the brand for the first time. For instance, someone might be looking to find out how to replace taps in their bathroom. When they look for info on how to do that, a plumbing site might benefit from having those instructions on their site, not only solving a problem and demonstrating their expertise but putting the reader in direct contact with a business that can help them.

Your message

What about the people who are already customers, brand fans, and generally onboard? They matter too. In fact, it’s significantly cheaper to retain existing customers than to win over new ones. Yet many fail to do so because they just don’t think about it. Sometimes it’s as simple as using tools like mailchimp.com to create and send newsletters that keep customers up-to-date on new products, deals, and content that can catch their interest. If you don’t keep your message strong, even loyal customers will forget about it over time.

Marketing budgets and the time you can spend on it are, of course, limited. You might have to prioritise one kind of marketing over the other. To that end, market research can help you find out where your audience is most active and where you’re likely to get the most ROI. However, as you grow, your efforts should be growing and expanding into those other methods as well.


The 5 Rules Of A Modern Marketing Strategy


For any business to be successful, the marketing strategy has to be on point. However, it is much easier to say than do in 2017 because the industry changes at a rapid rate. As a result, you might find it very hard to come up with a solution that gets results. Don’t worry if this is the case because lots of companies are in your position. Instead, focus on digging your current strategy out of a hole by adapting to the times.

With that in mind, here are the rules which make up a successful modern plan.

Don’t Target The Wrong Medium

There are plenty of reasons why this is important, but let’s focus on two. The first one is brand awareness. Quite simply, customers use a variety of platforms to consume content these days. As such, if you are not targeting the correct platforms, your message won’t get across. Secondly, there are some mediums which are less intrusive than others. Cold calling an individual comes across as rude and unwanted, whereas people read emails from unknown sources.


Do Be Truthful

In the past, the fine print used to cover businesses’ backs and give them the advantage over a consumer. And, people used to accept it and get on with their lives. That isn’t the case in 2017 because customers are fighting back. In fact, they will kick and scream and shout until the cows come home to make their voices heard. For example, Facebook users have caused the company to change its policies over the last couple of years. If it can happen to Facebook, it can happen to your firm, which is why honesty is the best policy.


Don’t Be Rude To Customers

With the help of social media, consumers and corporations are closer than ever before. With a single click of a keyboard, both the customer and the company can speak directly. What’s even better is the tone of the conversation because it is very informal and chatty. However, the tone can come back to bite you on the backside as it can lead to a false sense of security. Sure, speaking to customers without having to tow the party line is nice, but it doesn’t mean you are in control. They still hold power, so politeness and respect are paramount. The last thing any firm needs is a customer service scandal that has the potential to go viral.


Do Make Your Brand Easy To Find

Having a website is one thing, but making it easy to find is another. If you click here, you will see what it takes to create a site which is functional and accessible at the same time. The reason you have to take this info on board is that of the competition. The market is full of rivals in this day and age, and you have to stand out from the crowd. A tip: brush up on your SEO knowledge.


Don’t Make Brand Easy To Pass

When people do find your brand, you want them to connect. A connection means a conversion, and a conversion leads to more traffic and higher sales and revenue. The best option is to provide something that others don’t have and that pops off the page. Video content, for example, is both popular and creative at the same time.


Is anyone game for a spot of stop motion camera work?

ben3ibm@gmail.com Ecommerce Tips: 3 Ways Online Sellers Can Increase Their Profits

Launching an ecommerce website is an excellent way for anyone to become a retailer. It’s easy to reach thousands of potential customers online at the click of a button. So, it’s possible for entrepreneurs to make a fortune in less than twelve months if they’re smart. The tips mentioned in this article should help all budding company bosses to achieve that goal. Today, we’re going to discuss just some of the methods people in that position could use to boost profits and succeed well into the future.


Find a reliable hosting company

There is nothing more frustrating than a website that experiences a lot of downtimes. Considering that, it’s essential that all ecommerce site owners use a reliable and reputable hosting company. The best web hosting providers will publish reviews and testimonials on their websites. Read that information to discover more about the quality of the service they provide. If a hosting specialist causes many problems for their clients, someone will have written a complaint online. So, perform some research to ensure the website has the best server and hosting possible. That should reduce the number of times each year when customers can’t place orders.


Simplify the purchase process

It’s sensible to make the purchase process as straightforward as possible for all clients and customers. That might mean:

  • Allowing people to create accounts
  • Storing payment information
  • Offering a one-click service


Entrepreneurs will also have to think about safety when it comes to accepting payments online. Always use secure processes and keep those financial details safe. The last thing any brand wants is for a hacker to steal client payment information. When that happens, the company tends to receive a lot of bad press. That is often the case regardless of who’s to blame for the data breach.


Focus all marketing efforts online

Far too many business owners still pay to advertise in the real world. That doesn’t make sense for those who want to increase their profits this year. It’s possible to reach any target market for a fraction of the price is people focus their marketing efforts online. That could mean using:

  • Social Media
  • Google Adwords
  • Content Marketing
  • And much more


It might take a while to master the ins and outs of Facebook or Google advertising, but it’s worth the effort. There is no minimum investment, and it’s easy to target anyone based on the simple information. For instance, company bosses just need to know the following facts about their audiences:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Location
  • And interests


Once people have that info, reaching the right people online becomes a cinch.


Now all ecommerce entrepreneurs know how to boost profits, they should find it easier to succeed this year. Who knows? Maybe they’ll start the next Amazon or something just as profitable? Stranger things have happened. All people need to remember is that keeping their sites online is the number one goal. So, be sure to find a decent host before working on the other tips from this page. If business owners do that, the sky’s the limit!

The Inside Scoop On Using Outside Help In Business

In the world of modern business, you’ll almost certainly hire outside help in one form or another. After all, it would be very naïve to think you’re capable of managing every single aspect. So, when you do expand your empire by gaining outsourced support, it’s imperative that you make it work.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that those outside companies aren’t as bothered about your business as you are. Ultimately, you are just a client. To get the very best results from using outsourced help, you must be aware of the potential problems. Here’s what you need to know.



#1. Not All Companies Offer Value For Money

The reason for choosing this option over doing things yourself is that it should make the business more efficient. Therefore, if those services fail to offer value for money, you must do something about it.

Those companies are primarily concerned with their own needs, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are paying for a service. Therefore, they should be following a blueprint that works best for you. Whether it’s getting a good ROI from marketing or seeing productivity from outsourced staff doesn’t matter. Ensuring that your capital works harder is vital.

With this in mind, it’s best keeping this support limited to short-term contracts. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a year long deal with a business that isn’t offering the value you deserve. Likewise, you should always analyse the performances as you may need to cut some ties along the way.


#2. Not All Companies Are Trustworthy

When you start looking for outside help, it’s important to remember that the service providers are trying to gain your business. As such, they will try to promote themselves in a positive light. However, their work could be a direct reflection on your venture. As such, trust is a key factor.

If the company you hire causes problems, it could harm your reputation by association. Doing your research by reading reviews is pivotal. Of course, some criticisms may be harsh or one-offs, as this Peninsula business complaint shows. Nonetheless, being aware of the negatives as well as the positives will put you in a stronger position.



Working with a company that cannot be trusted will bring major problems in the long run. Fall into that trap at your peril.


#3. Individuals Can Be Just As Useful

Your business may decide to use outsourced help for a whole host of different tasks. But while the natural instinct is to use a well-established company, it’s not the only option available

When it comes to things like graphic design, the quality of content is the only thing that matters. You may be able to find students and talented individuals with platforms like People Per Hour. When you take this option, you can often have greater control on the amount of work that’s required. Those sentiments can be used for customer care services and various other jobs.   

Ultimately, the key to getting the most out of those external helpers is to find the best solution for you. Analyse the options, and you’ll be sure to achieve great things.


Here’s Why Your Big Recruitment Push Isn’t Working


Every so often, you will need to lead your company through a big recruitment drive. This is often needed when you decide to expand the business and try and take things up a notch. Expanding requires you to take on more work and clients, and you will need a large team of employees ready to take on all those extra projects! Not only that, though, but you will also need a strong back office department that can support your business with things like finance, HR, and legal aspects of running a company. There’s just one way to get a load of new employees on your books as soon as possible: push through a big recruitment drive!


Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it isn’t always so easy. In fact, some entrepreneurs find that their recruitment push does little to help increase the company’s whole recruitment process. Why is that? Here are some common reasons why your recruitment push just isn’t working.



You Don’t Have Enough HR Staff To Handle The Extra Workload


When you start advertising a lot of open positions at your company, your HR department will have to be ready to receive a whole lot of job applications! Especially if you have employed some new and improved marketing tactics to get your job adverts out there to as many people as possible (which you should if you are serious about your recruitment drive). However, are you sure that your current number of HR employees are enough to tackle an increase in the department’s recruitment workload? If they struggle to keep up, then they will end up being very slow when it comes to processing job applications and arranging interviews. And that will slow down your recruitment drive. So, before you do commit to a new recruitment push, it is important to make sure that your HR department will be able to cope. If you think it will be a struggle for them, you should consider hiring a new HR member of staff.


Your Adverts Aren’t Hitting The Right People


You need to ensure that your job adverts are posted in the right places so that the right people for the jobs see them. If you aren’t careful with the placement of your job adverts, the right applicants might not find them, and you will end up getting a lot of applications who are just not suitable for the job. Ideally, you should place your adverts on specialist and niche job boards. For instance, if you own a company that works in the health industry and need to hire some new health professionals, it’s a good idea to post your advert onto a specialist job board for health-focused jobs. This will target the right candidates compared to if the job advert just went up on a generic job-search site. You could also use a portfolio procurement firm who can send out your job adverts to the candidates who they feel are best suited to the role. These types of companies have a huge pool of job seekers that they can dip into and connect to your company whenever you are looking to hire new employees.



Your Job Adverts Don’t Detail The Roles Correctly


When the wrong types of people apply for your job openings, you will find that this can severely slow down your whole recruitment process. That’s because your HR staff will have to take longer going through applications, and they might end up wasting time interviewing the wrong kinds of people. There is one way to get around this – you just need to make sure that all of your job adverts detail the open position correctly. That way, people will know exactly what to expect from the job and the criteria that all applicants need to fill in order to get the position. And hardly anyone who doesn’t match the exact criteria will apply!



You Have Misjudged The Salary


What kind of salary are you offering for all the open positions you’re currently hiring for? This is something you should think carefully about. If you get it wrong, you might end up putting people off applying! Sure, most businesses are trying to save money right now, and one of the main areas in the corporate world that has been hit by cutbacks is staff salaries. However, if you mention a salary on the job advert that is way too low, you will find that hardly anyone will apply for the role. Your salaries need to be realistic and enough for a worker to comfortably live off. They also need to be relative to the position. If you aren’t entirely sure how much you should offer for a new position, you should take a look at your competitors’ job adverts to see what they pay for similar positions. Remember that it is also not worth offering a salary that is a lot higher than your competitors. Otherwise, you will find that lots of people who don’t have the necessary skills or experience will apply for the job just to be in with a chance of getting such a good income!



Your Recruitment Process Is Too Long Winded

Once you start receiving all the job applications, how are your HR team going to whittle them all down? Each company has their very own recruitment process and way of working their way to the perfect recruit. Some companies, such as Google and Facebook, have very long recruitment processes. It is unnecessary for you to have a similar style process as it can be quite off putting to some applicants. Ideally, you should only have two rounds of interviews. If you require your interviewees to take a test, you should schedule this to take place before or after one of their interviews, as organizing a separate time to just take a test can be inconvenient to your HR department and the applicants.

If you follow all of these tips, you should find that your big recruitment drive will be a huge success, and you can quickly hire a lot of great talent!

A Guide To The Financial Software Available For Your Business


A business owner faces many tasks during the day, and the financial side of the business can seem like a job unto itself. From dealing with taxes to organising the daily expenses, it’s a surprise any work gets done at all.


Thankfully, there are advances in technology that can streamline these financial tasks. We have already advocated how technology can help businesses here at http://benmartin.pro, so it is always worth keeping up with the latest software and applications that can make running a business that bit easier.


So, what technology should you opt for within your business? Read on to find out more.


While you could hire an accountant to take away some of your burdens, we recommend you use Xero. This popular software apps deals with many of the daily aspects of business finance, including invoicing, paying bills, and Paypal transactions. You can deal with financing on the move with a handy app for your phone, meaning you can always stay on top of your finances.


Business owners need to stick to a realistic budget, from dealing with overheads and managing the capital. For the latter we recommend you read the article at https://www.interstatecapital.com/working-capital-financing/ which better explains how to deal with dealing with money matters on the workfloor. Without a proper budget in place, businesses are going to fail. To help you, we recommend ‘Planguru’, a software package that helps you plan ahead, in the short and long-term, and gives you the tools to increase your profits.

Managing payroll

Your employees need to get paid the right amount of money and on time. To avoid dissatisfied members of staff, use something like https://www.surepayroll.com/payroll/mobile. Available on all mobile devices, you can stay on top of your workers pay, while factoring in deductions, sick days, and vacation periods.


Tracking expenses

Even the smallest expenses add up, so it’s important to know where your money is going. We recommend you take a look at https://www.expensify.com which offers an expense report tool for you and your employees. Receipts can easily be scanned and uploaded, letting you know where your money has gone, and when you should reimburse your staff.


Financial health

For up to the minute snapshots of your business’s financial health, we recommend you take a look at https://www.liveplan.com. With a clear visual overlay, the software will help you keep track of where your business is thriving or struggling, and offers collaborative tools to help you get back on track.


Customer payments

Many businesses use Paypal to send and receive money from their customers. This is a fast and secure way in dealing with financial transactions, and it can be integrated into shopping cart features from business websites. If you haven’t considered Paypal as an option for your business yet, then now is the time to get onto the bandwagon. There are fees for chargebacks, but many people consider the pros outweigh the cons.


Are You Getting A Good ROI From Your Marketing Agency?


If you are clever, you will outsource certain jobs to third parties and marketing is one of those jobs. The reason it is a smart move is that outsourcing is cheaper and also increases standards. So, it is pretty vital to any modern business that is looking to boost their market share. However, going into partnership with an agency does not guarantee success because there are pitfalls. As such, it is possible to waste money in the long run. If that doesn’t appeal, the good news is you can ensure a healthy ROI with the following advice.


Choose Wisely

The first step is to pick an agency that will deliver. Now, it is a lot easy to say this than to do it, yet it isn’t impossible. The key is to carry out extensive research to cover all of the bases. For example, you want a partner that understands the business and the importance of continuity. Because you can’t trust a website to be biased, you have to reach out to neutral sources such as previous customers. Their feedback is a great tool as they have no reason to lie. As such, you can treat whatever they say as true. If it corroborates, then you are one step closing to pulling the trigger. If it doesn’t, it’s back to the drawing board.



Draw Up A Clear Brief

Probably the greatest mistake companies make when outsourcing is delegating. That sounds stupid because outsourcing is a form of delegation. Still, there are levels, and getting the right balance is an art. Quite simply, you shouldn’t say they know more about online marketing so they are in charge. Yes, they have more expertise when it comes to execution, but they don’t have a greater understanding of the business. That is why it is vital that you set out your vision and provide them with a clear brief. Then, they can follow your instructions and hit the goals you set out.



Another error is to leave the outsourcer to their devices and wait for results. This isn’t a great tactic because it doesn’t encourage communication. And, there is no way to know whether both parties are on the same page without speaking. Therefore, it is essential that you call or email them once or twice a week to check in. Also, organize a meeting so they can show you where they are in the process. By doing this, there is no room for them not to be productive.



Be Flexible

On the flip side of the argument, there is no need to be a client from hell. After all, there has to be a level of trust once you sign on the dotted line. Otherwise, there is no point in hiring them in the first place. To get the balance, you must be flexible. For example, don’t set strict targets that are impossible to hit. Or, give them space to work freely and come up with ideas.


Face it  – it’s never easy to be creative with the boss breathing down your neck.

The Slashdot Effect And Why It Could Bring Down Your Business

What do you think the biggest threat to your business is? Is it your competitors? Is it technology? Gentrification? Lack of customers? There are plenty of huge threats that could face up to a business of any size. Threats that can limit a business’s business. Threats that could knock a business out of business and threats that could make business life pretty tough indeed. Success is actually one of these threats, believe it or not. If your business isn’t ready for a boom in business, it could seriously suffer. If supply cannot meet demand, people will forget about your business and move on.

You might not want to believe it, but if your business isn’t ready for success, it will suffer. Not acting in the correct manner when your business is experiencing success could be something that sinks your business. If you’re doing all the right things except preparing for increased business, you might be preparing for a disaster.

Being strangled by success? It is best exemplified by the ‘slashdot effect‘ or ‘slashdotting’.  The name of this issue actually comes from the fact that the site Slashdot.com would link to websites and shut down back in the mid 00’s. This happens when a big website links to a smaller website, which will obviously lead to a potential overload for the smaller site if traffic spikes. When the traffic spikes because of the link between a large site and a smaller site (your business will almost always be the smaller site – compared to Reddit and big news sites of course), this can overload a site causing it to slow down. The worst case scenario? The site will shut down and become unavailable because of the overload.  The name of this issue can change – depending on the site that links. It can be known as the Reddit effect, being ‘Drudged’ or being ‘farked’. The problem here is that plenty of sites simply cannot keep up with the huge spikes in traffics that come from being linked – this is because it can happen out of the blue. A failure here can be caused by a lack of bandwidth, poor servers, a lack of server space, a poor host, higher than expected traffic and high requests.


How can this happen to you? Well, if a big site or blog (especially one like Reddit that consists of submissions from users) submits a story that focuses around you, your products or your business and includes a link to your websites, that can mean a huge rush of readers might click onto your site at exactly the same time. This flood can really push your servers to a limit and might just bring your site down. This is bad news, especially when you consider the fact that most of these readers will simply click onto your site out of interest, rather than a desire to do business. When this happens, and a site cannot cope, the site is unreachable. When this happens, your website cannot do business. While you should cherish the attention, the viral nature of the internet, linking and sharing means it could come at an unexpected time. If you’re unprepared, you’ll miss out.


How do you combat the ‘hug of death’ then? Well, you need to prepare for it. If you’re aiming high, you must be considering success at some point. Even if you don’t hit those heights, it is always worth laying the groundwork in advance. If you fail to prepare, you’ll be preparing to fail! Always prepare for the best and worst case scenarios and you won’t be caught short, will you? If you’ve got no plans in place, you’ll have to improvise – if there is something we want to avoid in the world of business, it is constant improvisation. It’s a valued skill, but not in this area.


If you believe your site might go viral, or be linked to by a bigger site – you need to lay the groundwork right now. That groundwork? It is all in your web hosting.

Websites are not unlimited in the space that they have available. Server space and online hosting bandwidth dictate the amount of room available to an online website. This isn’t physical space, but it very much is physical in theory. It works the same as a store in a mall – you can only hold a certain amount of customers before things get packed, then a line needs to form outside of the store, allowing one person in when one person leaves. This is very much how online sites work – you have your server space and bandwidth allowance, and that’s the digital space you have available. If you exceed this, the site suffers.


If you experience an issue, you need a web host that acts fast. One where you can call up and ask for space to meet the demand and get your site fixed up fast. If you’ve already got a great host, good for you! If not, check this out of the best web hosts UK list on MangoMatter so you can upgrade your host and get the best storage on offer. Your website will suffer if you don’t have a flexible and active host, and unfortunately plenty of businesses have learned that lesson the hard way.


As a business in the online world, you always need to be on your toes. If you’re appealing to people and attracting attention, you need to be prepared for any eventual boost in traffic. You do not want spikes in online traffic to knock you offline. It’s not just worth thinking about! Being knocked offline at a critical time can leave you left behind, and not in a position to capitalise on intense interest in your business and online efforts.


Your success in business is often dependant on your ability to adapt. When your business is the focus of an online frenzy, will you sink or will you swim? Always try to adapt to an ever changing landscape and always try to put yourself in the best position possible.