#BrandRecall101: How Startups Can Make a Lasting Impression [Infographic]

All companies started from the ground up. They had to establish their brand so that people would talk about their business. It’s a process that requires feasibility studies, business model planning, and of course, development of marketing strategies.

As most people say, a first good impression is usually a lasting one. Ensure a good initial impression through different marketing strategies that will effectively build and maintain an excellent brand reputation that will stick in your target market’s mind.




1. Actively engage with your customers 

Customers are the lifeline for your startup. It’s important to treat them well whether it’s a first-time customer or a returning one. Be attentive when your customers go to your messaging platform with a query, complaint, or request. Develop a rapport by asking the right questions and talking to them professionally.

When creating blog posts, think about how you can keep your audience entertained and involved.  Encourage them to post their comments to know the type of content that resonates with them.

Keep the communication lines open. Make sure you’re available via your company website, email, or social media accounts. It’s an effective way to nurture your relationship with customers and enhance your brand image.

By contrast, when you don’t have a proper customer relationship management system, there will be no way for your customers to send you their feedback. Acknowledge both positive and negative reviews from customers but pay special attention on how to quickly resolve bad customer reviews.


2. Invest in your online image

As a startup, you should aggressively promote your brand while keeping your marketing expenses on a manageable level. Take advantage of the effectiveness of social media and other online platforms in keeping your costs low and the public’s perception of your business high.

Keep in mind your audience’s tone, attitude, and points of view when creating social media content. In this way, you can reach them organically and establish a strong online presence. You should also take note that an aesthetically pleasing content helps you get people’s attention. Use photos that are attention-grabbing, videos that are entertaining to watch, and status updates that create engagement among your followers.


3. Educate your target market

Use every opportunity in your customers’ journey to market your brand. Plan, create, and develop a content marketing strategy that makes your company stand out, and consequently, positively influence your branding efforts.

For instance, you could start on your website’s frequently asked questions (FAQs) page. Instead of the usual Q&A format, create a comprehensive guide or video tutorial, along with other helpful instructions or images to make sure you’re addressing customer issues completely.


4. Share your brand story in your campaigns

Every brand has a story to tell. It defines who they are, as well as the values they stand for. People in your community will be especially interested in your startup’s story and may feel encouraged to support you when they know exactly what your brand is all about.

Use your brand story and the core of your business model when creating targeted campaigns.

As you introduce your startup, you could organize a meet-and-greet with your customers. Tell them what you do and why you’re doing it to help them see not just your business side but your human side as well.


5. Utilise user-friendly technologies

Making your website, software, and tools look great and easy to use can draw positive feedback from your customers and increase traffic to your site. Customers should be able to find everything they need on your website without too much navigation or waiting time.

Properly working links, clear CTAs, good webpage design and layout, intuitive buttons, up-to-date and accurate content are some of the most important elements of good technology.


6. Offer something unique and personal

Many startups become successful because they can distinguish themselves from others whether it’s the kind of customer service they provide, the way they breathe style into their brand or the quality of branded gifts they give to customers.

Although the use of promotional items is quite common among marketers, what will set you apart is the value component that goes with your giveaways. Custom shirts, for example, might appeal more to a particular gender or age group, but in general, the unique gifts can be reserved for your most loyal customers.


Your startup is as good as how your customers see your brand. Give your customers good reasons to develop a positive, lasting impression toward your brand, as this will eventually drive your business toward growth and success.

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