6 Things We Learned About Business From Our Parents

Eat your greens. Wrap up warm. Tie your shoelaces. Familiar words? Our parents were often quick to give us advice when we were kids, but I bet you didn’t realize their wise words would extend to business. You may think we are stretching things a little here, but you will be surprised. Here are six things that your parents may have said to you when you were younger, that will help you when it comes to managing your business.

“You aren’t having dessert until you have eaten your dinner”

Metaphorically speaking, you need to eat your greens before you get to the good stuff. You need to put a lot of hard work into making your business succeed before you reap the rewards. In food terms, you won’t get to enjoy the fruit (salad) of your labor, without forcing your way through your vegetables first! Check out The Children’s ISA and learn how you can start saving up for the future at a young age.

“Don’t forget your coat”

In short, we need to protect ourselves like getting car insurance at www.BestCarInsuranceWSA.com to be prepared for any accident. As kids, if we didn’t wrap up warm, we would be vulnerable to infection and illnesses. The same applies in business. We need to protect ourselves with insurance. Security cameras need to be installed at our premises. Our computers need to be firewalled. When we say you might catch a virus, we aren’t talking about the common cold. Though your mother probably was!

“You need to look your best”

You may have been happy to hang out around in your scruffy clothes all day, but when you were going outdoors with your folks, they would have insisted you wear your best clothes so at to impress others, not least your nan! Again, the same rule applies in business. If you don’t spend time working on your website’s presentation, or focussing on your outfit when you go to a meeting with a client, you aren’t going to impress anyone.

“Be yourself”

As kids, we try and fit in to please others, such as wearing the same type of trainers or listening to the same music. But, as your parents would have told you, be yourself! When it comes to business, we need to stand out from the crowd to survive. That is where branding comes in, setting ourselves apart from all the other companies that look and do the same thing. So create a brand for your company. Look at logo design online and create something original.

Do your own thing, and blaze your own trail in business. In fact, you can set yourself apart from the competition when you utilize the best logo design services and be memorable to your audience. 

“Many hands make light work”

Your mother probably said this to you when she tried to get you to help with the cleaning. After all, why should she have to do everything? The same is true in business. There will be jobs you don’t like doing, or have the inability to take on, so using Lavender corporate secretarial services to help you is vital. From freelancers to paid members of staff, having other people on board will make light work of the tasks that are set before you.

“Stop wasting electricity”

Our poor parents probably dreaded the next bill coming in after our late night video game sessions. Not only that, but we probably left all the lights on in the house too! Becoming eco-friendly is now common amongst families, though your parents possibly cared more about the financial side of things than the environment. However, going green is something you need to focus on in business. Not only are you doing your bit to save the world, but you will get credibility from eco-conscious customers who care as much about the world as you do. Not only should you conserve electricity itself but you should also save on your electric bills. Fortunately, there are sites like Business cost comparison which can be extremely beneficial for you financially. 

Thanks mom and dad!

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